5 steps to perfect eyes and brows by Cityskin clinic

At Cityskin we love all aspect of skincare – from anti-wrinkle treatment and dermal filler to makeup and beauty. Eyebrows are the trend of 2016 and we thought we would give you 5 easy tips to achieve amazing eyes and brows.

Our model patients had treatment by Mecca Cosmetica in Armadale- thanks to Tina and the wonderful team at Mecca for all their help! Scroll down to read how our models achieved their looks.


brow before after photos melbourne

How to achieve the look

Step 1: Apply an eyeshadow base layer

Eyeshadow base layer is one of the simplest make-ups to use and helps your eye makeup last all day long.

perricone md melbourne meccaProduct used: Perri Cone MD ‘No Makeup’ eyeshadow

Cost: $31 from Mecca Cosmetica

Tips: To select the right product make sure you match eye colour rather than skin tone



Step 2: Give your eyes depth with eyeshadow

Eyeshadow gives a wonderful depth to the eyes and really makes them stand out.

chantecaille-duo-pack-mecca-melbourneProduct used: Chantelle eyeshadow

Cost: $84 from Mecca Cosmetica

How to apply: After applying the Perricone eyeshadow base, apply the lighter shade with a base brush all over the mobile lid and then apply the darker shade to the crease with a bullet brush using a light windscreen wiper affect. Follow with a blending brush in light circular motions to diffuse the eyeshadow.


Step 3: Sharpen your lash lines

stila smudge stick mecca cosmetica
Product used
: Stila ‘Smudge Stick’

Cost: $31 from Mecca Cosmetica


How to apply: Use the Stila smudge stick all along the top lash bed right into the inner corner, and 2/3 of the way along the bottom lash line. Use a smudge brush to gently diffuse the liner.

Cityskin’s tip: Select the right product make sure you match eye colour rather than skin tone.


Step 4: Brow pencil to give a fuller look

Product used‘Hourglass’ Brow Pencil

Cost: Hourglass brow pencil: $49 from Mecca Cosmetica

How to apply: Twist up pencil slightly and begin to define brows using the wider edge to outline shape. Using the narrow edge, fill in the brows with small strokes for a natural-looking effect. Finish by brushing through brows to blend.


Step 5: Eyebrow mascara. This year’s must have accessory!


Our models used ‘By Terry’ eyebrow mascara to give the final look. This year’s trend is all about fullness so brush the eyebrows upwards to shape them and give a wonderful fuller shape.

Cityskin tips: If you want a more dramatic look then go a shade darker than usual. Brush the brow upwards to give a fuller look.


Product used‘By Terry’ Eyebrow Mascara

Cost: $49 from Mecca Cosmetica

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