What happens to the skin as it ages?

Age-based treatments are designed to address specific skin concerns and changes that occur as we age. Understanding the appropriate treatments for each age group can help achieve natural-looking results and restore confidence.


Treatment in your 20s

In your early 20s, your skin is usually at its best with minimal signs of aging. We rarely see fine lines with patients until later in their 20’s, and this is usually increased by sun damage or smoking. Popular treatments during this age include lip enhancementbrow liftsforehead linescrow’s feet treatment and facial slimming. Line reduction at this age usually requires minimal anti-wrinkle units.


Treatment in your 30s

During your 30s, fine lines and bags under the eyes become more noticeable, while volume loss in the cheeks may occur. Sun damage significantly increases ageing appearance during this period. However, a high-factor sunscreen can help reduce facial lines. The good news is studies have shown that people are more confident about their looks in their 30s compared to their 20s. Our aim is to build that confidence by showing off your best features.

Common anti-wrinkle treatments include addressing crow’s feetfrown lines, forehead lines, and facial slimming. Dermal filler treatments can subtly correct the deepening of the nasolabial folds, and target cheek volume, under-eye bags, and marionette lines. Additionally, double-chin injections are popular to help reduce double-chin fat.


Treatment in your 40s

In your 40s, loss of volume becomes more apparent, leading to marionette linesnasolabial folds and loss of cheek volume. The goal of anti-wrinkle treatments is to soften facial lines while maintaining a natural appearance. Rather than aiming to eliminate all lines, our focus is on helping you look refreshed and rested. Many of our clients in their 40’s have conveyed their eyes as a favourite personal feature, and the aging process can sometimes make the upper eyelids appear heavy and more prominent. Our aim is to showcase your beautiful eyes by addressing frown lines and the area just below the eyebrows, which can lift the brow and open up your eyes.

We believe that cosmetic treatments should enhance your best features by reducing distractions. Crow’s feet, for instance, are not necessarily undesirable, but in some cases, they can draw attention away from other great features. Therefore, in your 40s, we often recommend softening crow’s feet to achieve a balanced and harmonious appearance.

When it comes to treating forehead lines, caution is advised. The forehead muscle is responsible for lifting the eyebrows, as you can observe in the mirror. Over-treating forehead lines can lead to a heavy or flattened eyebrow appearance, which is contrary to our goal. We strive to achieve a natural and balanced outcome, avoiding any unintended consequences.

fillers can help correct volume loss in areas such as marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and cheek  volume.


Treatment in your 50s

In your 50s, facial volume loss becomes more noticeable, resulting in marionette linesnasolabial folds and loss of cheek volume. Lip lines and decreased lip volume are common. Deepening of crow’s feetfrown lines and forehead lines occurs. In our teenage years and 20s, the shape of our face resembles an inverted triangle, with volume at the top gradually tapering off towards the chin. However, as we age, the shape of our face changes. We tend to gain weight around the chin, jowls, and lower face, while losing volume from the cheeks. In your 50s, our treatment goals are centred around restoring the inverted triangle shape to the face and softening shadows that have formed in the nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

During consultations, we often ask patients to describe how they perceive their appearance. Patients in their 50s frequently express feelings of looking “sad” or “angry.” This sadness can often be attributed to the downturned corners of the mouth and the development of marionette lines. Our objective is for people to perceive you as rested and fresh, and our treatments are tailored towards achieving this outcome.

For anti-wrinkle treatments, we focus on softening facial lines to create a refreshed look. Treating frown lines and the area below the eyebrows lifts the brow and opens up the eyes. While crow’s feet aren’t necessarily negative, reducing their prominence can enhance other features.

Caution is necessary when treating forehead lines to avoid a heavy or flattened appearance. The forehead muscle lifts the eyebrows, so over-treatment can have the opposite effect. We prioritise balance and a natural outcome.

Anti-wrinkle injections can also address upper lip lines and prevent mouth corners from downturn.

In dermal filler treatments, we aim to restore lost volume in a subtle and natural way, particularly in the marionette lines, cheeks, and nasolabial folds. Our goal is to re-establish the youthful, inverted triangle shape of your face.


Treatment in your 60s

Most of our advice and services for 50-year-old remains the same for clients in their 60’s. However, an additional treatment that is popular for the lower face is the ‘Nefertiti lift‘. This technique relaxes the muscles of the lower face, providing a lift to the jawline and mouth.

By understanding the changes that occur with age, it is possible to choose appropriate treatments that enhance natural features, reduce the signs of aging, and help individuals look refreshed and rested. At Cityskin clinics, we prioritise natural-looking results to ensure that no one guesses you have had cosmetic treatment. Our goal is to help you feel confident and receive compliments on looking good and refreshed.

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