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Anti-wrinkle, dermal filler and double chin before/after photos | | Cityskin Melbourne, Sydney & Adelaide

The images below show Cityskin patients having anti-wrinkledermal filler and double chin treatments. If you have never had treatment before then be sure to read our articles on anti-wrinkledermal filler and double chin treatments.


Double chin treatment before / after photos

Photos shown below are Cityskin patients having double chin treatment to permanently remove double chin fat. Read all about this new injectable treatment here and how it can permanently remove double chin fat.




double chin before afters melbourne


double chin injection before after pictures melbourne

Anti-wrinkle before/after photos

Crows feet before and after photos | Cityskin Melbourne

Our patients below have had anti-wrinkle injections to treat their crows feet. Approximately 10 units were used each side making a total of 20 units. The treatment has reduced the appearance of the crows feet. To read about treatment costs click here.

Melbourne crows feet treatment Cityskin before after photo
Crows feet melbourne photoscrows-feet-injections-melbourne-cost


Frown line before/after photos

We have used anti-wrinkle injections to treat the frown line in these patients. To find out more read our article on ‘how to treat frown lines‘. The female patients below have had between 20 and 25 units to reduce the frown and the male patient has had 35 units. After photos were taken 2 weeks after treatment.

Frown line cost MelbourneFrown line before after picturesmalefrownlineantiwrinklebeforeafterphoto

forehead line injections melbourne



Forehead line before/after photos

Using anti-wrinkle injections the patient below has had forehead lines softened. We used 7 units in the patient below to reduce her forehead lines. Read all about how to treat forehead lines here.

Forehead line treatment in Melbourne

Non surgical brow lift

A brow lift can be achieved by placing anti-wrinkle injections in the frown and infra-brow areas. Read all about non surgical brow lifts at Cityskin clinic. We treat the frown and infra-brow areas to lift the brow and the effects last for up to 4 months.

Brow lift melbourne before after photos


Facial slimming / jawline slimming before/after photos

Facial slimming is one of the most popular treatments at the Clinic. Using anti-wrinkle injections to the masseter muscle we can slim the face. In these photos between 25 and 35 units were used on each side. Read about facial slimming treatment at Cityskin here.

facial slimming injection perth

Facial slimming pictures Melbourne

facial slimming before after


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At Cityskin we charge from $550 – $880 for 1ml of dermal filler, depending on the filler used. Have a read of our dermal filler cost page to find out more about all treatment prices.

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Dermal filler before/after photos | Cityskin Melbourne

Cheek dermal filler

Our patient below has had 1.0ml of dermal filler to each cheek to give a more rounded contour to the cheek. Dermal filler has been used in the tear trough to reduce the appearance of darkness under the eyes.

melbourne cheek dermal filler


Nasolabial folds before/after photo | Cityskin in Melbourne

Using 1.0ml of dermal filler(0.5ml to each nasolabial fold) we have softened this patient’s nasolabial folds (the lines from the corner of the nose down to the mouth). This effect can also be achieved by placing dermal filler in the cheeks to lift the cheek upwards and reduce the nasolabial shadow.



Lip dermal filler before/after photos

We perform lip enhancement at Cityskin in Melbourne using Australia’s premium brand of dermal filler. The first photo shows a patient having 1.6ml dermal filler to her lips. In the second photo 1.0ml dermal filler has been used to give a good balance to the upper/lower lip ratio (the upper lip should be half the size of the lower lip). Read all about lip dermal filler here.


Patient 1: 1.6ml Lip dermal filler | Cityskin in Melbourne

Our patient, in her late 20s, wanted slightly fuller lips and to reduce the dry, cracked appearance of the upper lip. Using 1.6ml of filler over 2 seperate appointments we have managed to provide fullness to her lips without looking over treated.

lip dermal fillers

Patient 2: 1.0ml Lip dermal filler | Cityskin in Melbourne

This is an example of a subtle lip filler treatment. Our patient, in her mid 20s, has great shaped lips before treatment. Small threads of dermal filler were placed in the upper and lower lip to provide a subtle enhancement.

lip dermal filler cost melbourne

Patient 3: 0.8ml dermal filler

lip dermal fillers melbourne

Patient 4: 1.0ml dermal filler at Cityskin in Melbourne

lip enhancement dermal filler melbourne


Patient 5: improving lip proportions

Our patient below wanted lip enhancement using dermal filler. If you look at the before photo on the left you can see that her upper lip is fuller than the lower lip. By placing dermal filler mainly in the lower lip it has improved the lip ratio and the after photo on the right shows a lovely fuller, more balanced lip.

lip enhancement photo before after


Patient 6: 0.8ml dermal filler in lips and 0.2ml in chin dimple


Chin reshaping with dermal filler | Cityskin Melbourne

Using 1.0ml dermal filler we have given a more aesthetically pleasing shape to the lower face. This treatment is often performed in conjunction with facial slimming. Read all about chin filler here.


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