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3 things to know before having anti-wrinkle treatment – a Doctor’s guide


Please note that by law we are not allowed to use product names. The most well known anti-wrinkle brand in the world is called the ‘American brand’ and the second most well known in Australia is called the ‘European brand’


1. What Brand of anti-wrinkle treatment are you having?

There are 3 brands of anti-wrinkle treatment in Australia and they vary in cost, how quickly they work and how long they last. Clinics will not always tell you which brand they are using, as people assume it is always the American Brand.

The European brand starts working quicker than the well known American brand and they last for about the same time period, as long as it hasn’t been diluted too much! (see below). Always ask your practitioner which brand you are receiving. Watch Dr Brown’s video on the difference between anti-wrinkle brands here.


2. How much is the anti-wrinkle product diluted?

Ask your injector what dilution they are using to make sure you aren’t being short-changed. We always tell patients that there are 2 brands that we use at Cityskin Clinic: an American brand (the most well known brand in the world) and a European brand. This is where it starts to get confusing. We feel that you need to have 3 times as many European units to have the same effect as 1 unit of the American brand. Most clinics give patients 2.5 times as many units but at Cityskin we feel that a 2.5:1 ratio isn’t strong enough and you are being short changed. We feel that the golden number that you need is 3:1. Always ask for it and if your clinic offers anything less, consider going elsewhere!


3. Don’t have ‘areas’ treated

This is a common trick to get you to pay more for your treatment. If you have easy crows feet you might only need 5-6 units each side to reduce the lines. Some clinics can treat ‘areas’ but you have no idea how many units you are receiving which means you may be paying much too much. Always ask for a unit price and ask how many units you are having.

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