Anti wrinkle injections can be used to slim the face when injected into the angle of the jaw (the masseter muscle). By using 50 units in the jaw area, it can slim prominent jawlines and create a more aethetically pleasing facial contour.


Facial slimming injections take about 4 weeks to work as it takes time for the muscle to relax and reduce in size. The maximal effect will be about 8 weeks after the treatment.


Cityskin medical professionals are experts in facial slimming and perform hundreds of treatments per year so you can be confident that you are being treated by an experienced injector.


This patient had 25 units of anti-wrinkle product to the masseter muscles to make the jawline look more oval shaped. You can see the before photo where she had a square jaw, and 3 weeks later with a slimmer jawline.


Do you offer consultations in Chinese? 你提供中文咨询吗?

No, we don’t offer consultations in Chinese but our practitioners treat hundreds of patients every year and are facial slimming experts.


Related treatment – chin reshaping with dermal filler

相关美容项目 – 下巴注射玻尿酸

Dermal filler can be used to give the chin more of a point and to give the face the ‘V’ shape that patients are often looking for. Using small amounts of dermal filler (usually approximately 1.0ml) we can expertly place the product to enhance the chin.

玻尿酸打造完美 “V”字小脸,只需使用少量玻尿酸(大约1.0毫升)即可使下巴稍稍加长,呈现美丽的v字脸型。

Chin dermal filler is a popular treatment in combination with facial slimming as it softens the jaw and elongates the chin.




Does dermal filler treatment to the chin hurt?玻尿酸注射痛吗?

It is one of the least painful areas to treat with dermal filler so patients tolerate the procedure very well. We often use numbing gel before your treatment to numb the area before injecting to further reduce discomfort



How much does chin dermal filler cost?玻尿酸注射如何收费?

Have a look at our costs page for the cost of 1.0ml dermal filler. There is no consultation fee at Cityskin.


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