A 1 minute guide to lower face anti-wrinkle treatments

A 1 minute guide to lower face anti-wrinkle treatments

Lower face anti-wrinkle treatment is complex and more difficult to perform than treatment on the upper face. At Cityskin we have years of experience and you can reassured that you are in safe hands.

The commonest areas that we treat on the lower face are:

1. Tooth grinding / bruxism treatment – we use approximately 25 units each side into the masster muscle (bite muscle) to reduce tooth grinding. Results start to take effect after about 2 weeks and generally last around 3 months (this can vary). Melbourne tooth grinding and bruxism treatment

2. Facial slimming – for this treatment we treat the masseter muscle again and use 50 units in total. Effects last for about 4-6 months (can vary). It is one of our favourite treatments because it is straightforward, relatively pain free and gives a lovely V shape to the lower face. It is good for patients with a strong or square jaw. facial slimming tooth grinding injections melbourne

3. Turning out the upper lip – a subtle turnout of the upper lip can be achieved using 2-4 anti-wrinkle units above the upper lip border. Results last for approximately 8 weeks.

4. Chin dimpling / chin crease – we can place 4 units into the chin muscle (mentalis) to reduce dimpling of the chin and, over time, reduce the chin crease that can develop below the lower lip

5. Downturning mouth – By placing anti-wrinkle injections into the DAO muscle (the muscle that pulls the mouth corners down) we can turn the mouth corners upwards. This is a subtle effect and you may also need dermal filler if there are deep folds in the mouth corners.

6. Nefertiti lift and platysmal bands – Nefertiti was a Queen in Egypt renowned for her beautiful neck and jawline. Anti-wrinkle treatment can be placed along the jawline and into the neck bands to provide a very subtle lift to the lower face and can flatten strong neck bands.nefertiti lift australia


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