Bell’s palsy | facial asymmetry treatment with anti-wrinkle injections

Bell’s palsy | facial asymmetry treatment with anti-wrinkle injections

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Bell’s palsy is a condition which is often caused the the cold-sore virus affecting the facial nerve – the nerve that supplies the muscles of the face. Symptoms can vary from very mild where the muscles on one side of the face are temporarily affected to severe where all of the muscles on one side of the face are noticeably affected.


How common is Bell’s palsy?

1.5% of the population are affected by Bell’s palsy at some point in their life and most commonly affects people between 16 and 60.


Is the weakness on one side of the face likely to improve?

The majority of patients notice resolution of symptoms within 3 weeks of onset. At one year, recovery was ‘moderate’ in 12% and ‘poor’ in 4% of patients. This means that approximately 15% of patients will experience some symptoms at one year which may persist.


How can anti-wrinkle treatments help?

We can use anti-wrinkle injections to help improve symmetry of the facial muscles. The muscles that we commonly see being affected are the smile and brow drop on one side of the face. By carefully placing treatment in selected muscles we can help restore symmetry. It is a complicated treatment – the photo below shows the units that we have used in the different muscles of the face on each side to improve symmetry in a 40 year old patient with mild weakness on the right side of the face after Bell’s palsy.

bells palsy anti-wrinkle treatment


How much will my treatment cost?

At Cityskin we charge from $4 per unit for anti-wrinkle treatment. Bear in mind that the treatment above was performed using the product that costs $12 per unit. A total of 50 units was used.


Do you charge a consulation fee at Cityskin?

No – consultations at Cityskin are free.


Who else performs treatments for Bell’s palsy

We recommend that you see your GP and obtain a referral to a public Neurologist. You may be able to have some of your treatment covered by Medicare. At Cityskin we cannot provide a Medicare rebate.

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