Chin crease and dimple treament | Cityskin Melbourne & Sydney


Chin crease and dimple treament | Cityskin Melbourne & Sydney


Chin dimples occur due to contraction of mentalis muscle, shown in the image below. Repeated contraction of mentalis can lead to a chin crease which can be a masculinising feature. The video below shows Dr Brown from Cityskin treating a patient’s chin dimples with anti-wrinkle injections.


How to treat chin dimpling with anti-wrinkle injections

In this video Dr Brown treats a patient’s dimpling chin with anti-wrinkle injections. Click on the video to watch it in full.


Reducing chin dimples or crease with anti-wrinkle injections

We can reduce the appearance of dimples using anti-wrinkle injections. Small units (2-4 in total) are placed in the lower part of mentalis to reduce the muscle contraction and prevent dimpling. It can reduce a chin crease over time.


Reducing the chin crease with dermal fillers

If the chin crease is quite deep, we can reduce the appearance using dermal filler. We can place small amounts of dermal filler into the crease, reducing its appearance. We sometimes perform this treatment when we have a small amount of dermal filler left, having treated other areas in the lower face such as marionette lines, lips or nasolabial folds.


Risks of treating chin dimples with anti-wrinkle injections

When treating chin dimples we have to be very sure of our anatomy. There is a small muscle next to mentalis called depressor anguli oris (DLI) which pulls the lips down when smiling. We have to be careful to avoid the DLI in order to prevent problems with smiling after treatment. Thankfully this complication is rare (less than 1:100).


Cost of treating chin dimples with anti-wrinkle injections

The average patient needs between 2 and 4 units to reduce chin dimples so the likely cost is between $24 and $48. Cityskin has a comprehensive guide to treatment costs here.


Cost of treating the chin crease with dermal filler

At Cityskin we use 1.0ml dermal filler as a minimum treatment. With this amount of dermal filler you can soften the chin crease and soften either nasolabial folds, marionette lines or have a subtle lip enhancement.


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