How does dermal filler transform a jawline?

Facial slimming treatment is a highly sought-after procedure at Cityskin in Melbourne, with over one thousand patients benefiting from it each year. Our skilled practitioners utilise anti-wrinkle injections to achieve jawline slimming by targeting the masseter muscle located at the angle of the jaw. By injecting approximately 50 units in the jaw area, we can effectively reduce the prominence of the jawline, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing facial contour.

How do facial slimming injections work?

The masseter muscle is primarily responsible for biting and grinding. It is a strong muscle compared to the frown muscles or forehead. Anti-wrinkle injections administered into the masseter muscle reduce its strength and size, leading to a slimming effect.

Typically, we perform 3 to 5 small injections of anti-wrinkle product into the masseter muscle. The mechanism of action can be likened to putting an arm or leg in a plaster cast after a fracture. By preventing the muscle from contracting over time, we weaken it and reduce its size.

Facial slimming treatment tends to last longer compared to other areas of the face, such as the forehead or frown lines. This is possible because we can safely administer larger units without the risk of over-treatment.

Treating the temple muscle

Buccal hollow – contouring effect after anti-wrinkle injections

In addition to the jawline, patients who experience teeth clenching or have a strong masseter muscle may also develop a prominent temple muscle. By placing anti-wrinkle injections in the temple area, a softening effect is generated. This helps reduce forehead lines and alleviate clenching.


How to safely treat the masseter muscle to avoid affecting your smile

In the context of facial slimming and jawline slimming treatments, the primary muscle we target is the masseter, which is responsible for biting and jaw movement. At Cityskin, our expert practitioners perform precise injections into the masseter muscle to effectively address concerns such as tooth grinding and achieve facial slimming. We administer four or five small injections to treat this muscle, ensuring optimal results. It is crucial to avoid injecting the risorius muscle, which pulls the smile out to the side. To achieve this, we employ a meticulous technique. First, by marking a line between the tragus of the ear (the small, pointed cartilage) and the corner of the mouth. Then, we carefully treat an area approximately one centimetre below that line, ensuring we maintain a safe distance from the smile muscle. This approach allows us to deliver excellent outcomes while safeguarding the natural smile.


Facial slimming treatments typically last up to 6 months when the appropriate amount of units is used. We recommend scheduling a repeat treatment once you notice the bite muscle contracting strongly again.

Facial slimming injections require up to 4 weeks to take effect as it takes time for the muscle to relax and reduce in size. The maximum effect can be observed approximately 8 weeks after the treatment.

For jawline slimming, we generally recommend between 20 and 35 units per side. Men may require more units as they tend to have stronger muscles. During your consultation, our medical practitioners will assess your muscle and provide a personalised recommendation.

Facial slimming injections are among the least painful treatments we offer at our clinic. Most patients describe it as a small sting during the injection.

Yes, jawline contouring can be achieved by injecting anti-wrinkle injections into the bite muscle. Patients under 40 often experience a more angular and contoured jawline, which is more noticeable in three-dimensional views. Masseter muscle treatment effects may still be visible up to 9 months after injections.

No, this is an urban myth. The anti-wrinkle product naturally breaks down over time, and the muscle strength gradually returns. While the muscle may be weaker than before treatment, it will eventually regain full strength.

At Cityskin, we have performed countless facial slimming and jawline slimming treatments throughout the years. Our extensive experience and expertise ensure that you can have complete confidence in the safety and effectiveness of our procedures. When you choose to receive treatment at our clinic, you can trust that you are in the hands of highly skilled professionals dedicated to providing exceptional care.

For top-quality facial slimming and jawline slimming treatments in Melbourne, schedule a consultation with Cityskin today.

No, a unit refers to a measure of anti-wrinkle product. When treating each masseter muscle, we typically use 4 or 5 small injections of 5 units each. The number of units per injection depends on the total quantity you are receiving.

Facial slimming treatment is most effective for patients with strong bite muscles and a jawline that is not obscured by heavy lower cheeks. We assess each case individually, so we encourage you to book a consultation with our experienced medical practitioners for personalised advice on whether jawline slimming will work for you.

Yes, there are other muscles involved in biting and grinding food. The temporalis muscle, located on the side of the head, assists in the grinding process. While it may require more effort to chew certain foods after jaw slimming treatment, your ability to eat will not be compromised.

Before treatment, when you clench your teeth, the bite muscle feels firm. Approximately 2-3 weeks after treatment, the muscle will feel soft, similar to a kitchen sponge. This indicates that the muscle has been relaxed and the treatment is taking effect.

Yes, you can receive facial slimming and dermal filler treatment simultaneously at your appointment.

You do not need to wait for the muscle contraction to fully return to its original state before seeking further treatment. As long as there is a minimal amount of muscle contraction, it can be addressed. Regular treatments can help maintain results, and in some cases, a lower dose may be required if the muscle has already been significantly weakened.

Facial / jawline slimming is available at all our clinics in Melbourne. We are experts at facial slimming, and it is one of our most performed treatments.

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