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Anti wrinkle injections can be used to slim the face when injected into the angle of the jaw (the masseter muscle). By using approximately 50 units in the jaw area, anti-wrinkle injections can slim prominent jawlines and create a more aethetically pleasing facial contour. Jawline slimming is one of our favourite treatments at the clinic and we are experts in this treatment.

We offer the treatment at our clinics in Armadale, Essendon, Hawthorn, Melbourne CBD and Sydney with experts in facial slimming injections. There is no consultation fee and you can book a free appointment here.

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Facial slimming / jawline slimming in Sydney

Cityskin has now opened in Sydney and you can book to have facial slimming treatment with our team in Neutral Bay. We charge $550 for 50 units at Cityskin Sydney and do not charge a consultation fee.


How many units do I need to treat my jaw / masseter?

We generally recommend between 20 and 35 units each side to treat the masseter muscle. Men generally need more units than women as they have stronger muscles. We will assess the muscle on the day and recommend how many units you will need.


How much does facial slimming treatment cost?

The cost of the treatment is $550 for 50 units and there is no charge for a consultation so book in today!

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A video guide to facial slimming

The videos below are designed to help you understand more about facial slimming treatment.


Facial slimming before/after photos

Below are examples of facial slimming treatments performed at Cityskin clinic in Melbourne. Photos were taken before treatment and again 6 weeks later. The patient in the first photo had 70 units in total and the patients in the second and third photos had 50 units in total.

facial slimming tooth grinding injections melbourne

Facial slimming pictures Melbourne

masseter injections melbourne

jawline slimming treatment melbourne

jawline facial slimming treatment photo


How do facial slimming injections work?

The masseter muscle is the main muscle of biting and grinding. It is a strong muscle in comparison to the frown muscles or forehead. We usually perform 3 to 5 small injections of anti-wrinkle product into the masseter muscle, as shown below. The way I like to explain the mechanism of action is similar to that of putting your arm or leg into a plaster cast after a break. Preventing the muscle from contracting over a period of time weakens the muscle and reduces its size.

Melbourne tooth grinding and bruxism treatment


How painful are facial slimming injections?

The injections are the least painful injections of all the treatments that we perform at the clinic. It feels like a small sting when you have an injection.


How long does facial slimming treatment take to work?

Facial slimming injections take about 2 to 4 weeks to work as it takes time for the muscle to relax and reduce in size. The maximal effect will be about 8 weeks after the treatment.

How will I know when the treatment is working?

We often say to patients that, before treatment when you clench your teeth, the bite muscle feels firm. Approximately 2-3 weeks after treatment the bite muscle will feel soft, a bit like a kitchen sponge. This is the point at which the muscle has been relaxed and you know that it is working.


How long do facial slimming treatments last?

With the correct amount of units the treatment should last up to 6 months. When you can feel the bite muscle contracting well again we recommend coming back to have a repeat treatment.


How much experience does Cityskin have at treating facial slimming?

Cityskin medical professionals are experts in facial slimming and perform hundreds of treatments per year so you can be confident that you are being treated by an experienced injector.


Will I still be able to eat after facial slimming treatment?

Yes – there are other muscles that help bite and grind food. Place your fingers on the side of the head and clench your teeth – you will feel a muscle called temporalis which helps you to grind food. After jaw slimming treatment it may be more tiring to eat chewy foods.


Does facial slimming treatment work for everyone?

Facial slimming treatment works best in patients who have strong bite muscles and a jawline which is not obscured by heavy lower cheeks. Treatment is on a case by case basis so feel free to book a consultation with one of our experienced medical practitioners for advice on whether jawline slimming will work for you.


Does 50 units mean 50 injections?

No – a unit is a measure of anti-wrinkle product. When we treat each masseter muscle we often use 4 or 5 tiny injections of 5 units of anti-wrinkle product. The amount of units in each injection depends on the total number of units that you are having injected.


Cost of facial slimming injections at Cityskin in Melbourne

We have a special offer on jawline slimming in injections. 50 units of anti-wrinkle product costs $550.

facial slimming injection cost melbourne

How can I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment here or call 1800 248975 to speak to one of our members of staff.



A video showing how we perform facial slimming injections


How does it feel to have facial slimming treatment at Cityskin in Melbourne?

This is an account of a patient having treatment with us at Cityskin and writing about her experience:

“I have hypertrophied or enlarged jaw (masseter) muscles most likely due to teeth grinding or clenching at night time and these were easily felt when clenching my teeth but also quite visible by my square or ‘chubby’ jawline. Having treated quite a few patients for this I decided that I would try the treatment myself not only to see what results were possible but to allow me to understand what happens for the patient.

The procedure itself took less than 10 minutes and simply required me to clench my teeth whilst 4-5 small injections were made into the masseter muscle on each side of my lower jaw. Ice was used for comfort and the pain was minimal and I was able to return to work without any obvious signs of treatment.

Over the next 3-4 weeks I noticed a narrowing of my jawline and a visibly slimmer appearance to my face. But more importantly, I have also found I have far less headaches and a less ‘tired’ jaw. Interestingly, at about the 2 week mark I did notice a small amount of difficulty in biting/chewing food but this seemed to resolve itself as quickly as it occurred and I now have no problems.

With repeated treatment every 4-6 months I should notice the muscle start to atrophy (shrink) further with ongoing treatment becoming less frequent”.


A patient experience of having facial slimming/jawline slimming treatment at Cityskin


I’ve heard that if I have 3 facial slimming treatments it will permanently slim the jaw. Is that true?

That is an urban myth which is not true. The anti-wrinkle product that we use is broken down naturally over a period of months and then muscle strength returns again. The muscle will be weaker than it was before having treatment but, with time, it will return to full strength again.


What are the risks of facial slimming treatment?

Risks of facial slimming injections include:

  • A small bruise after treatment: This is unlikely, however, as the jaw area is not particularly vascular.
  • Difficulty grinding tough foods: The masseter muscle will weaken as a result of the injections and you may notice it being more difficult to grind food. This is not a permanent side effect.
  • Affecting the smile muscle: The masseter muscle lives very close to a muscle called ‘risorius’, as shown by the red muscle in the picture below. Risorius is the muscle responsible for opening the mouth wide when smiling. We are very careful to avoid this muscle when injecting the masseters to avoid the smile from being affected. In the unlikely event of the smile muscle being affected it would wear off quickly with no permanent problems.

risorius muscle facial slimming side effect


How to safely treat the masseter muscle to avoid affecting your smile

At Cityskin we perform hundreds of facial slimming injections every year. Watch Dr Brown discuss how to safely perform facial slimming treatment.


How do I book an appointment?

Click on the link below to book with one of our medical experts



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Dermal filler can be used to give the chin more of a point and to give the face the ‘V’ shape that patients are often looking for. Using small amounts of dermal filler (usually approximately 1.0ml) we can expertly place the product to enhance the chin.

Chin dermal filler is a popular treatment in combination with facial slimming as it softens the jaw and elongates the chin.

Dermal filler treatment in Melbourne


Does dermal filler treatment to the chin hurt?

It is one of the least painful areas to treat with dermal filler so patients tolerate the procedure very well. We often use numbing gel before your treatment to numb the area before injecting to further reduce discomfort


How much does chin dermal filler cost?

Have a look at our costs page for the cost of 1.0ml dermal filler. There is no consultation fee at Cityskin.

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