facial slimming adelaide cost

Facial / jawline slimming in Adelaide | $550 for 50 units

One of Dr Kylie’s favourite treatments at Cityskin Adelaide is facial slimming with anti-wrinkle injections. The treatment works by relaxing the masseter muscle (bite muscle) and causing a slimming effect which lasts up to 6 months.

Facial slimming is one of the least painful treatments as there are few nerve fibres in the area being treated.

facial slimming adelaide cost


Facial slimming cost | Cityskin Adelaide

At Cityskin Adelaide we charge $550 for 50 units of anti-wrinkle treatment when used for facial slimming.


How do I book an appointment?

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About Dr Kylie Austin

dr kylie austin adelaide

Dr Kylie is a GP with over 20 years’ experience and is an expert in the field of women’s’ health and cosmetic injectables.

Kylie has a meticulous eye and believes in enhancing your natural features to achieve subtle and desired results.

Kylie is particularly skilled and passionate about facial rejuvenation and dermal filler treatments. She will perform a full facial assessment and personalise a treatment plan just for you.

Dr Kylie Austin opened Cityskin Adelaide at the start of April and offers anti-wrinkle, dermal filler and double chin treatments at 257 Melbourne St, North Adelaide.


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