Lip flip treatment in Melbourne | The must have treatment in 2021

The lip flip is the cosmetic treatment of 2021. It only takes a minute to perform and can subtly turn out the upper lip to make the lips appear fuller. At Cityskin in Melbourne we love lip flips so book a free consultation with one of our experienced practitioners.

What is a lip flip?

A lip flip is a procedure using anti-wrinkle injections to turn out the upper lip and make the lips appear fuller. At Cityskin clinics in Melbourne we charge $150 for the lip flip procedure when treating this area alone. Lip flip treatment tends to last for up to 8 weeks and wears off quicker than other cosmetic areas of the face because we use light units in the lip area.

An anti-wrinkle ‘unit’ is a measured amout of product. We usually use between 2 and 4 units of anti-wrinkle product to turn the lip out. The injection points that we use are shown below with 0.5 – 1 unit used at each injection site (yellow dots).

The cost of a lip flip at Cityskin clinics in Melbourne is $150. At Cityskin we do not charge a consultation fee.

Lip flip results tend to last up to 8 weeks. The treatment does not last as long as other areas of the face because smaller units are used when treating the upper lip.

Risks of a lip flip procedure include:

  •  A small bruise at the injection points
  • Temporary muscle weakness in the upper lip making it more difficult to purse the lips and use a straw

Side effects are mild and are likely to wear off within 2 weeks.

At Cityskin we want our patients to be as well informed as possible! If you are considering a lip flip treatment you may want to read a bit more about the following topics:

In this video Dr Jonathan Brown from Cityskin Melbourne discusses how the lip flip works and how long it lasts

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