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Platysmal bands are the vertical muscular bands that develop in the neck as we age. They are most noticeable in patients over 40 and can be easily treated using anti-wrinkle injections.

platysmal band treatment cost

The photo above shows a patient who is tensing her neck to make the platysmal bands stand out.


How are platysmal bands treated?

We treat platsysmal bands using anti-wrinkle injections. By treating with 2  – 3 injection points into each band we can flatten the muscle and reduce its appearance. The video below shows Dr Brown from Cityskin treating Nurse Bianca’s platysmal bands.


How many units are used to treat platysmal bands?

We tend to use 4 – 6 units per neck band. Bianca, shown below, only has one prominent neck bands but some patients have 3 or 4 that can stand out. The best way to assess how many bands need treating is the look in the mirror and say the word ‘E’. This projects the neck muscles.

how to treat platysmal bands


How much does platysmal band treatment cost?

It will cost approximately $50 to treat each platysmal band.


How long does platysmal band treatment last?

Platysmal band treatment is likely to last up to 3 months.


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