Frown line before after pictures

Anti-wrinkle injection before / after photos

Photos below show Cityskin patients who have had anti-wrinkle injections at our clinic. Consent has been obtained to use the images for educational purposes on our site.

Frown line before/after photos | Cityskin Melbourne

In the first photo our patient has had 20 units of anti-wrinkle treatment to the frown (glabella). Photos were taken 2 weeks after treatment. Preventing the frown muscle from contracting can reduce the appearance of lines. When we treat frown lines we generally use between 15 and 25 units to reduce movement and reduce the lines. Have a read of our article on ‘What is an anti-wrinkle unit‘ if it is your first time.

brow line treamtent melbourne before after

Frown line before after pictures

Forehead line before/after photos | Cityskin Melbourne

The photos below show our patients having forehead line treatment. 7 units of anti-wrinkle product were used to reduce forehead lines. Follow up photos were taken 2 weeks after treatment with a noticeable reduction in forehead lines. When we treat forehead lines we generally use between 5 and 10 units to have a good effect. It is important to note that when we treat forehead lines in women, it is almost always advised to have frown lines treated at the same time. This prevents the eyebrow height from dropping after treatment. Read our article on how to treat female forehead lines here.

Forehead line before after photos


Crows feet before/after photos | Cityskin Melbourne

Our patients below have had 10 units of anti-wrinkle treatment to the crows feet. Find out how we treat crows feet including information on how many injections are required. Follow up photos were taken 2 weeks after treatment. Crows feet treatment requires between 5 and 12 units each side to have a noticeable effect.

Melbourne crows feet treatment Cityskin before after photo

Crows feet treatment in Melbourne

Crows feet melbourne photos


Non surgical brow lift | Cityskin Melbourne

We can lift the brow by using anti-wrinkle injections. By placing anti-wrinkle product in the frown area and also under the outer part of the eyebrow we can achieve a lovely lift. The first patient has upper eyelid skin which has been lifted after anti-wrinkle treatment. The treatment has also changed the shape of the brow – changing it from being flat to having a lovely arch.

brow lift melbourne photos

Our second patient is in her late 50s and did not like the heavy upper eyelids. By placing anti-wrinkle injections in the frown and under the outer eyebrow she has achieved a lift to the brow which has opened up her eyes. brow lift before after photos melbourne


Facial slimming before/after photos | Cityskin Melbourne

Facial slimming is a popular procedure at Cityskin clinic. In the photo below we have used 25 units to each masseter muscle in the jaw to slim the muscle and give the face a slimmer appearance. It is the least painful area of the face to treat. Read all about facial slimming here.

Facial slimming pictures Melbourne

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