hyperhidrosis underarm sweating treatment melbourne

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hyperhidrosis underarm sweating treatment melbourne

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excess sweating. It can affect both men and women and commonly affects the underarms, hands, feet and back. Hyperhidrosis can be a troubling symptom and cause embarrassment in social settings. Thankfully there is treatment available and we will discuss options available.

At Cityskin clinics in Melbourne we are able to offer anti-wrinkle products to reduce underarm sweating. Please note that by law we are not allowed to mention anti-wrinkle brand names.


Treatments for excess hand and feet sweating

Excess hand sweating can be a nuisance and cause embarrassment when shaking hands. Excess foot sweating can lead to a buildup of bacteria and cause smelly feet + socks. Treatment options for hand and foot swelling include:

  1. Anti-perspirant: you can actually use a strong anti-perspirant such as Driclor on the hands and feet to reduce sweating. It can irritate the skin in some people so this may not be a long term option for everyone.
  2. Iontophoresis – this involves placing the hands or feet in an shallow bath of ionised water, with a gentle current passed through. Some dermatologists consider this as a first-line treamtent for hand and foot sweating. Treatment is usually for 20 minutes minutes every day for 3 days then for 10 minutes three to five times per week. Iontophoresis machines can be bought online.
  3. Anti-wrinkle injections – these can be used to treat sweating in the hands. It is not a permanent treatment and can be quite uncomfortable to have the procedure.
  4. Surgery – a procedure known as an ‘Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS)’ can be performed to reduce hand sweating. This is a keyhole procedure and needs to be performed under anaesthetic. The surgery involves ablating the nerve that supplies the sweat glands in the hands. The downside of the procedure is that it can cause new sweating elsewhere on the body, commonly on the back.


Treatment options for excess underarm sweating

Driclor anti-perspirant

A first-line treatment for underarm hyperhidrosis is to use a strong anti-perspirant such as Driclor. Driclor is a roll-on anti-perspirant, available over the counter in the pharmacy. It contains aluminium chloride and can provide fantastic results in patients with mild underarm sweating. Driclor can be irritating for some skin types so it is not suitable for everyone



s an option for patients with underarm sweating. The two main forms of surgery are keyhole surgery to ablate the nerve that supplies the sweat glands under the arms, and surgery to remove the sweat glands. Your GP can refer you to a vascular surgeon to have this treatment.


Anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-wrinkle injections for excess sweatins is a procedure that we perform at Cityskin in Kew and Armadale. Using approximately 100 units (50 units each side) of anti-wrinkle product we can reduce sweating for up to 7 months. The video below shows Dr Jonathan Brown discussing treatment of hyperhidrosis, with treatment on one of our patients.


How many ‘units’ do you need to treat underarm sweating?

A ‘unit’ is a measure of anti-wrinkle product. When we treat underarm sweating we generally use 50 units to each armpit.


How much does underarm sweating treatment cost at Cityskin in Melbourne?

At Cityskin we charge $1100 for 100 units of anti-wrinkle treatment for hyperhidrosis. There is not a Medicare rebate for this treatment.


Is underarm sweating treatment painful?

We often use numbing gel under the armpits before treatment. The injections feel like small stings but is not overly painful.


How long will my underarm sweating treatment last?

A clinical study by the makers of the most well known anti-wrinkle product on the market showed that patients had drier armpits for up to 6.7 months (201 days). Please note that individual results can vary.


How do I book an appointment?

You can book a free consultation with either Mr Erik Koppert in Kew or with Dr Jonathan Brown in Armadale for underarm sweating treatment. Click on the button below to book your appointment. If you have any questions about underarm sweating treatment then please click here to contact us.


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