Why telling your bestie about anti-wrinkle treatment is the new norm in 2019

Why telling your bestie about anti-wrinkle treatment is the new norm in 2019

Have you read articles about celebrities who say the ‘secret’ to staying fresh faced and youthful looking is to drink lots of water, exercise every day, get 8 hours sleep and eat healthy food?


A part of you may want to believe this is true but most of us know they’ve had a little help from cosmetic injectables. It seems that celebrities aren’t alone in a veil of secrecy surrounding cosmetic injections and we were interested in finding out just how secretive patients are about their own treatments.


We surveyed over 100 patients who have had cosmetic injectable treatments at Cityskin in 2013 and repeated the same survey in 2019 to find out if they told their partner, best friend, wider friendship groups and family. We also wanted to see whether our age make us more or less likely to talk to our friends about treatments.


The release of our 2019 survey patients suggests that the secrecy and stigma around cosmetic injectables is changing!



Do you tell your partner that you have anti-wrinkle injections?

Survey result: 67% of patients surveyed in 2019 tell their partner

Our survey shows that two thirds of patients now tell their partner that they have anti-wrinkle injections. This is a leap from 2013 where only 40% of patients decided to confide in their nearest and dearest.

Why the change? We think that over time cosmetic injectables have become less of a taboo and patients feel more confortable talking with their partner about their treatments. Over time is may be harder to disguise why their skin is looking so good so telling their better half may be the only option.


Do you tell your best friend?

Survey result: 81% of patients tell their best friend

It is now the norm to tell your best friend that you are having anti-wrinkle treatment. In 2019 we see that 81% of patients surveyed told their best friend – a rise from just over half of patients in 2013.

We feel that word of mouth is one of our most common ways to see new patients. It may be that patients are looking for advice from their best friend to make a decision on which clinic to attend or perhaps patients just find it hard to keep it to themselves and want to tell someone about their treatment!


Do you tell other friends?

Survey result: 58% of patients surveyed in 2019 tell their other friends

Between 2013 and 2019 the proportion of people that tell other friends has more than doubled (29% to 58%)

Our survey shows that more people tell their partner than ‘other friends’. It looks like we confide in our bestie but don’t broadcast the fact that we are having cosmetic injectables to our wider friendship group. Maybe it is the fear of judgement from other friends or perhaps once we have told our best friend we don’t feel the urge to broadcast it to other people.


Do you tell your family?

Survey result: 62% of patients surveyed in 2019 tell their family

Our survey shows that almost twice as many people tell their family that they are having cosmetic injectables compared to 2013. We guess that patients who tell their family are more likely to tell their siblings rather than their parents but a follow up survey would be useful to test this theory.


Does age make us more open to talking about cosmetic injectables?

Survey result: Patients in their 30s are most likely to tell their best friend about anti-wrinkle treatment

This result was perhaps the most surprising of all. We expected that patients in their 20s would be the most vocal about having anti-wrinkle treatments but our results show that if you are in your 30s you are the most likely to confide in your best friend.

The majority of patients that we see at Cityskin start having anti-wrinkle injections in their early 30s so perhaps patients who choose to have treatment in their 20s are more secretive about their treatment for fear of stigma or judgement on how they spend their money.

Anti-wrinkle injections make the skin less lined, helps makeup sit better on the skin and gives an overall refreshed look. It could be that in your 30s there is no wasy to hide this from your best friend who knows you the best.



Why are people more open in 2019 about cosmetic injectables?

Our 2019 survey showed that attitudes have significantly changed about cosmetic treatments. From our first survey in 2013 there’s been a big leap in the percentage of patients telling their best friend, family and partner about their non-surgical cosmetic treatment. Just like applying sunscreen everyday and having regular haircuts, cosmetic injections are now seen as an easy and effective way to look after yourself and we are becoming much more open to talking about it.The results show that over the past 6 years patients have become more open at telling their friends, family and partner about injectable treatments.


At Cityskin, we applaud the fact that more people are being open and sharing their cosmetic treatment experiences with their friends and family. Since 2011 Cityskin, founded by Dr Jonathan Brown (GP and Cosmetic Physician), has had the core message that non-surgical cosmetic treatments are as much about how you feel as you how you look. We are passionate about educating and informing you about how the treatments work, how much they cost and what to expect.


fresh not fake cityskin


Our female and male patients have cosmetic treatments for various reasons including wanting to:

  • Reduce and prevent deep wrinkles and lines forming
  • Look fresher because they’re being told that they look angry and/or tired
  • Maintain their energy and looks in the workplace to keep their competitive edge


The Cityskin 2019 survey showed that more people are open about their anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections. With most of our referrals coming from friends and family members of our current patients, we’ve seen this shift in attitude firsthand. We liken this to our patients telling their friends and family about other treatments that make them look and feel great. From getting a new hair style and colour to working out regularly with a Personal Trainer to tone up and get fit.


Sometimes we just need to tell someone our secret. It is exciting to have anti-wrinkle injections for the first time and often patients want to share this with someone.


Is there still stigma around cosmetic treatments?

The most common fears and concerns about having cosmetic treatments from partners, friends and family include:

  • They will make the patient become unrecognisable
  • The face will become expressionless
  • It will lead to them wanting to have cosmetic surgery
  • They will be judged for spending money on something deemed un-necessary


Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler treatments can appear unnatural and frozen if they’re not done with care, precision and an understanding of facial aesthetics. The Cityskin philosophy of ‘fresh, not fake’ ensures there are no ‘trout pout’ or ‘frozen’ facial results.


With more people talking openly about their non-surgical cosmetic treatments there’s been an increased understanding about the importance of going to a clinic that has an excellent reputation and uses the best cosmetic injections available. The experience, training and professionalism of the Cosmetic Doctor or Cosmetic Nurse administering your injections are crucial to the results you’ll achieve.


At Cityskin our team is committed to providing the best cosmetic injecting experience. By attending regular training and conferences locally and overseas we’ve earned a reputation as one of the industry leaders in cosmetic injection techniques. We specialize in cosmetic treatments that aren’t obvious to your partner, family or friends so you can say goodbye to the fear of ‘trout pout’ and ‘frozen face’!


Comments? Get in touch with the Cityskin team

If you have any feedback or comment on our article please get in touch with the Cityskin team here.


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Free Aspect Dr kit at Cityskin Sydney CBD in February!

Free Aspect Dr kit at Cityskin Sydney CBD in February!

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              special offer anti wrinkle dermal filler sydney             
Cityskin has a special offer in February 2019 for all patients attending our new Sydney CBD Clinic.
Receive a free Aspect Dr Try Me Kit valued at $45 + goodies with any dermal fillerdouble chin or anti-wrinkle treatment over 25 units until February 28th 2019 ! One goodie bag per patient for the duration of the promotion. 

Which treatments are available at Cityskin

We offer anti-wrinkledermal filler and double chin treatments at Cityskin.

  • Anti-wrinkle injections cost from $4 per unit depending on the brand used
  • Dermal filler costs $650 per ml
  • Double chin injections cost $600 per vial


Where is Cityskin Sydney CBD located?

Cityskin Sydney CBD is at 12 O’Connell St, Sydney, 2000. We are a 5 minute walk from Wynyard Station and Circular Quay

How to book an appointment

Click on the button below to book an appointment. Consultations are free and we have experienced practitioners. To receive your goodie bag make sure you have treatment before February 28th 2019.

cityskin book an appointment


How much are consultations at Cityskin

Free! We do not charge for consultations.


Meet the Sydney CBD team

Rachelle McIntosh | Cosmetic Nurse and Clinical Trainer

Rachelle is a highly experienced Cosmetic Nurse and Clinical trainer. She combines her love of treating patients with her love for teaching and has spent 2 years as a clinical teacher in dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatments.

Rachelle loves all aspects of anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments. She uses both cannula and needle techniques to deliver dermal filllers safely to get the best results.

Rachelle’s teaching skills take her overseas to conferences and training events across the globe.


Michelle Dodd | Cosmetic Nurse Injector

Michelle has been in the beauty and cosmetic industry for the past 11 years. Beauty is Michelle’s passion and after completing her diploma of beauty therapy in 2006 she went on to study and became a Registered Nurse in 2013. Since then Michelle has obtained her advanced cosmetic injecting certificate, gained experience at injecting PRP and has worked alongside some of Sydney’s most experienced Surgeons and Cosmetic Injectors.

Having a beauty background gives Michelle an eye for beauty, symmetry and detail. She also prides herself on giving natural looking results with anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments.


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Cityskin opens in Sydney CBD!

Cityskin opens in Sydney CBD!

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We are excited to announce that Cityskin Sydney CBD has officially opened!

Our new clinic is located in O’Connell St in the heart of Sydney CBD and only a 5 minute walk from Wynyard Station and Circular Quay!

Michelle Dodd and Rachelle McIntosh, experienced cosmetic injectors, will be offering anti-wrinkle, dermal filler and double chin treatments from Tuesday to Friday 🙂


Who works at Cityskin Sydney CBD?

Rachelle McIntosh and Michelle Dodd are experienced cosmetic injectors with years of injecting experience.


Where is the clinic located?

Cityskin Sydney CBD is st the following address: O’Connell St Medical Centre, 12 O’Connell St, Sydney CBD, 2000.

The clinic is a 5 minute walk from Wynyard station and Circular Quay.



Which treatments do you offer at Cityskin Sydney CBD?

At Sydney CBD we offer:

Book an appointment at Cityskin. No consultation fee



Who do you talk to about anti-wrinkle treatments?

Who do you talk to about anti-wrinkle treatments?

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We conducted a survey in 2013 and 2016 looking at the secrecy of anti-wrinkle treatments. We’d love to survey you again in 2019 to find out how trends have changed. Please take 30 seconds to fill in the questions below. The results are all anonymised 🙂

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Treatments at different ages

cosmetic treatments in 20s  cosmetic treatments in 30s  cosmetic treatments in 20s  cosmetic treatment in your 50s  cosmetic treatments in your 70s  

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Are you getting too much sun? Take our 3 second check to find out!

Are you getting too much sun? Take our 3 second check to find out!

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Cityskin has designed a quick and easy way of assessing your skin for UV damage which takes seconds to perform. It will give you a guide as to whether you are increasing your risk of skin cancer and premature ageing.

We call it the ‘3 second sun check’ and it can be performed by people of all skin types.


How to perform the 3 second sun check

The video below shows how you can perform the 3 second sun check:

  • Step 1: Cross your arms
  • Step 2: Compare the underside and topside of both forearms
  • Assess UV damage – the larger the colour difference between the underside and top of forearm the higher your recent UV exposure



What does the sun check show?

Comparing the top and underside of the arms shows how much UV exposure you have experienced recently. The underside of the forearms rarely see the sun meaning that it is a good area to compare to.

The image below shows a patient who is in his 30s and plays outdoor sports. He wears occasional sunscreen. Zoomed closer in you can see the extra pigmentation and thicker skin on the backs of the arms due to UV damage

arm sun damage


Sun damage happens to all skin types

Having darker skin tones reduces the rate of ageing and risk of skin cancer but did you know that Bob Marley died due to a melanona on his toe?Premature ageing of the skin can happen to all skin tones – the patient below has naturally olive skin but loves to go out in the sun. She is at risk of premature ageing but the good news is that covering up and high factor sunscreen can slow down this process!

suncheck arms cityskin


I have sun damage – what should I do next?

  • We recommend that all patients should have a yearly skin check performed by a skin cancer clinic – this may be your local GP, dermatologist or a dedicated skin cancer clinic such as Molemap.
  • Wear a high factor sun screen daily (factor 50+) and cover the skin during times of outdoor exposure


Share the message

You can share our sun message with friends and loved ones that might need a little reminder now and then. Click on the links below to share on Facebook or follow Cityskin on Instagram.



Treatments at different ages

cosmetic treatments in 20s  cosmetic treatments in 30s  cosmetic treatments in 20s  cosmetic treatment in your 50s  cosmetic treatments in your 70s  

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The Cityskin technique for treating forehead lines

The Cityskin technique for treating forehead lines

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how to treat forehead lines a guide for injectors

Forehead lines come in all shapes and sizes and, until now, there has not been a clear techinque on how to treat them. Dr Jonathan Brown and the Cityskin team have designed a method to help you assess and treat forehead lines to get predictable results every time.

Next time you are treating foreheads remembers the four ‘S’ technique to estimate how many units to use and where to place them:

  • Shape
  • Strength
  • Spocking potential
  • Eyelid Skin


1. Shape

Forehead movements vary between patients. Some people move just the central part of the forehead whereas others, especially men, have movement up into the hairline. The image below shows the areas of movement in 3 different foreheads. Note how the patient in the second image has movement high up into the forehead and the patient in the third image has lateral movement.

The aim is to create an even reduction in movement across the forehead without leaving pockets of movement. 

Technique: Watch the patient talk and you will notice which areas of the forehead move. Take a white eyeliner pencil and mark out which areas of the forehead move when the patient lifts their eyebrows. This is the area that needs to be treated to ensure an even result in 2 weeks time.

forehead treatment area


Anti-wrinkle products spread approx 1.5cm around the injection point and you need to make sure that all the areas of movement on the forehead are adequately covered.

Technique: Take your eyeliner pencil and place dots across the area of movement that you previously marked out. The image below shows the patient on the left needing 5 injection points to cover the areas that move. The patient in the middle 9 injection points and the patient on the right needs 7 injection points to reduce movement.

Don’t worry about units yet – just mark out the dots to cover the areas that move.


2. Strength

How strong are the muscles in the forehead? Does the patient have furrows in the forehead like Gordon Ramsay which are present at rest or do they have very faint lines only visible on movement?

In the diagram below the patient on the left has a faint line whereas the patient on the right has deep lines requiring more units.


  • If the patient has static lines it is a sign that they move the forehead muscles a lot


3. Spocking potential

‘Spocking’ is the word given to the excess lateral movement in the forehead after misplaced anti-wrinkle treatment. The photo below shows a patient who had anti-wrinkle treatment overseas to the glabella and forehead. The lateral forehead has been missed giving rise to the ‘Spocking effect’ shown below.

spocking example forehead

So, how do you predict who is likely to experience spocking? The best way it to prevent the glabella moving using two fingers and see how the forehead moves when the patient lifts their brow. If there is lateral movement then you should consider treating the potential spocking area when you treat the forehead.

how to prevent spocking forehead

In the image above the patient appears to have a straight forehead line. On lifting the eyebrows with the glabella isolated the patient has lateral forehead movement. If they are a spocking risk and you should consider treating with an additional 0.5 units just above the apex of the spocking area as shown in the last picture.


4. Eyelid skin

Whenever you see loose eyelid skin beware! Any forehead treatment in the second two patinets shown below will make the eyelids heavier.


The first patient shown above has to be treated with caution. When you are treating any patient with 3mm or less between the eyelashes and upper eyelid skin should be treated conservatively. Reassess the patient in 2 weeks and you can top up the forehead if needed

Some patients have fullness in the brow shown by the purple arrow in the image below. This patient is in her early 20s but has some fullness in the lower brow. Treat these patients again with caution as too high a dose in the forehead may cause the brow to drop which may look and feel heavy.


How many units should you use?

Use the 4’s’ system to assess the patient and calculate how many units to use.

  • Shape
  • Strength
  • Spocking potential
  • Eyelid Skin


Choosing the correct units



In Summary

  • Forehead lines are one of the most commonly treated anti-wrinkle areas
  • Anti-wrinkle products spread 1 – 1.5cm. Aim to provide relaxation using anti-wrinkle units spread across the forehead
  • Watch out for hooded or heavy eyelids – sometimes not treating at all is an option.

If you like our treatment guide make sure you share it with another injector – click on the links on the right hand side 🙂

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5 anti-wrinkle facts you didn’t know!

5 anti-wrinkle facts you didn’t know!

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Anti-wrinkle products have been used for almost 30 years in cosmetic medicine. Here are 5 fascinating facts that you probably never knew!

Fact 1: The product is made in a small town in Ireland

Most people think that anti-wrinkle products are made in the USA but it is manufactured in a tiny town on the West Coast of Ireland called Westport, population 5,500.

anti wrinkle fact 2    


Fact 2: Botulinum toxin was discovered by accident

True fact! In the 1820s a young German Doctor called Justinus Kerner first identified botulinum toxin as the cause of a food outbreak from sausages.

The word for sausage in latin is ‘botulus’ hence the name ‘Botulinum toxin’

anti wrinkle fact 5


Fact 3: The first clinical use was in the 1970s

Doctors first used the product to treat strabismus (squint). In the late 1980s patients that had treatment for blepharospasm (uncontrolled eyelid closing) noticed that their frown lines were reduced.

anti wrinkle fact 3


Fact 4: 1 gram could treat 40 Billion people

It is a potent treatment! One vial (100 units) of anti-wrinkle product weighs 0.00000000005 grams meaning that there is enough in 1 gram to treat the entire population almost 6 times.

anti wrinkle fact 3


Fact 5: 1 gram costs $25 trillion

Pound for pound it is one of the most expensive products on the planet with one gram costing $25,000,000,000. The only thing more expensive to produce is ‘antimatter’, produced by the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.

anti wrinkle fact 1


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