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Double chin treatment in a 25 year old patient

double chin treatment sydneyAbout the patient

Our patient is in her mid 20s and wanted to reduce the fullness under her chin.

She is an ideal candidate for double chin injections as there is no loose skin under the chin, and a small pocket of double chin fullness.


The treatment

Our patient was treated with 1 vial of double chin treatment and we reviewed her 6 weeks later. The under chin area was numbed with anaesthetic before treatment. The chin swelled for approximately 5 days.


How much did the double chin treatment cost?

The patient’s treatment was $600 for 1 vial. We will be treating the patient again with another vial ($600).This is half what most patients need to reduce the double chin fullness – most patients need 2-3 vials and 2-3 treatments.



The submental (double chin) area has reduced in size from just one treatment. The patient will go on to have further treatment to reduce the double chin further but so far it looks great! From a legal perspective we have to say that results can vary from person to person.
double chin injection before after photos


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