Dr Babak Tajvidi | Cosmetic Physician

Works at: Cityskin Neutral Bay, Sydney

Registered Medical & Health Practitioner and Member of the Academy of Cosmetic Medicine & Science (ACMAS).

Dr Babak Tajvidi Sydney Cosmetic DoctorAs well as practising emergency medicine, Babak is also an accomplished cosmetic physician and teacher. For over twelve years, he has been impressing clients with his special artistic injectable skills and his caring and approachable manner. Babak continuously trains and educates to develop and perfect his injectable skills and always incorporates the very latest techniques for facial enhancement.

Says Dr Babak, “You should choose a specialist who deals regularly with aesthetics, uses only approved product, and is qualified to carry out injectable treatments. Choosing a qualified practitioner, who has achieved acceptable minimum standards of training in facial aesthetics, will give you the best result”

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