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Kony Peev RN Div 1 | Laser Nurse

laser nurse kony peev melbourneKony is a Registered Nurse with postgraduate certication and is the resident Clinical Training Specialist for Solta Medical ( The makers of Clear+Brilliant Laser ).

Kony has years of experience in the cosmetic and plastic surgery fields and is an expert in all things Laser. Kony is a certified Laser operator and has extensive knowledge in the laser cosmetic field. She has a passion for training and empowering therapists with the knowledge and skills to deliver the best treatments.

“My absolute goal is to ensure the safe and effective use of our machines and to ensure clients are receiving the best treatments and results available.  What I love about Clear + Brilliant is that it has the ability to treat all skin types and improve not only the appearance of the skin but it’s health and quality as well.”


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Photo ofKony Peev RN Div 1 | Laser Nurse
Kony Peev RN Div 1 | Laser Nurse
Job Title
Laser Nurse
1100 High St,
Armadale, Melbourne, 3143