What are ‘baby’ wrinkle treatments and who is having them?


What are ‘baby’ wrinkle treatments and who is having them?


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kate middleton baby botoxA top British Plastic Surgeon last week claimed that Kate Middleton has been having ‘baby’ anti-wrinkle treatment – a claim  “categorically” denied by Kensington Palace.

It is hard to tell from the photos whether this is true but it highlights a treatment that we have been performing for years at Cityskin and our belief that cosmetic treatments should look ‘Fresh, not fake’.


What are ‘baby’ wrinkle treatments?

The term ‘baby’ anti-wrinkle treatment refer to small doses (usually half the normal amount) of anti-wrinkle injections. The aim is to soften the lines rather than reduce them entirely and give a natural appearance with some movement.

At Cityskin we use ‘baby’ wrinkle doses for patients who work in film and TV or celebrities who want to look refreshed without looking treated or ‘over-done’.

What is a ‘baby’ anti-wrinkle dose?

A ‘baby’ anti-wrinkle dose is usually half the normal amount required to treat the muscle. The treatment starts working after approximately 5 days.

Unfortunately using half the dose doesn’t mean that the treament lasts half as long. We estimate that a ‘baby’ treatment will wear off quicker than half the usual time because we aren’t able to fully reduce the lines from the outset.


Which areas are commonly treated with baby doses?

The most popular areas to treat with baby wrinkle doses are the forehead, frown and crows feet. These are areas where reducing expression too much can make it look as though you have had treatment.


Who is having ‘baby’ anti-wrinkle treatments?

Patients that we treat with ‘baby’ doses include:

  • TV presenters who don’t want a shiny look on camera
  • Movie actors who need expression but want to reduce lines
  • Patients who really don’t want their partner or friends to know that they are having treatment
  • Pre-wedding – it is a popular treament before the wedding day to take the edge off the lines but look perfectly natural


Fresh, not fake

Whether Kate has had treatment or not is not for us to speculate but we feel that she looks great regardless. At Cityskin our core belief is that treatments should look ‘Fresh, not fake




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