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makeup tips melbourneWe often get asked how to avoid drawing attention to fine lines and wrinkles in between treatments and as always our approach tends to be that less is more!

1. Less is best – One of the biggest misconceptions as we age is that we need to wear more make-up. We should actually be wearing less. Move to a more lightweight foundation that helps to moisturise your skin and simply evens out your tone as opposed to covering up. Heavy make-up can look like you are trying to hide something! And, if you are over 50 it is worth considering using liquid foundation only as this is less likely to sit in any fine lines and wrinkles with the added bonus of hydrating ageing skin.

2. Applying make-up to bare skin – Famous Australian make-up artist Napoleon Perdis says “Not to prime is a crime” and he is right! Having a good base is essential to help avoid your product settling in to fine lines and wrinkles. Apply your primer after your moisturiser and then apply sheer foundation on the top. You could alternatively try mixing your primer with tinted moisturiser for an easy and no fuss day time look!

3. Caking on concealer – If you have dark circles or eye concerns then avoid caking on your product. If you don’t then you may actually draw more attention to this area and show off your crow’s feet or fine lines more than you may realise. Find a light reflective concealer and dab it on under the eye area making sure to lightly blend in to your foundation.

Dr Brown discusses how anti-wrinkle treatment improves make-up appearance

Anti-wrinkle treatment is a great way to reduce forehead, frown and crows feet lines. Have a read of our guide to anti-wrinkle treatment here.

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