Our lips are among the most prominent features of our face, and they are important to us for as many reasons as there are lip shapes and size. On the other hand, every day we are bombarded with so much information about the ideal lip, as well as with countless products that are designed or purport to enhance or alter their appearance. There’s a lot of noise out there about lips, and when it comes to lip shape, there can be plenty of misinformation too. If you are interested in changing or enhancing the shape of your lips, we are here to help with all the information that you need to know. From the basics of dermal fillers to the fundamentals of lip symmetry and proportion, this article will give you all the right knowledge. Then, keep reading to find out where to go when you are ready for lip dermal fillers in Melbourne.

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#1: Is it Possible to Change My Lip Shape?

The simple answer is: yes.

However, there are some qualifications that we need to make here. It’s true that dermal fillers can be used to change some types of lips to a certain extent. That’s why it’s important to set your expectations at an appropriate level from the outset. For instance, there are some lip types that are easier to treat with dermal fillers than others, and you may need a consult with a professional to determine what sort of results you can expect.

It is also important to know that there are limits to what dermal fillers can do. They cannot, for instance, change the true structure of your lips, or give you a cupids bow where you do not have one. Dermal fillers are capable of making small changes to your lip shape that are subtle, yet noticeable, and which enhance the natural beauty of your lips. As long as you understand this going into the process, you won’t be disappointed.

#2: The Dermal Filler Process Explained

So, how can I change my lip shape? The answer is dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are a gelatinous substance that is actually found naturally in the body. They are injected under the skin, and they are used because they have the ability to enhance features and restore volume to areas including the cheeks, nasolabial folds, and of course, the lips.

When injected, dermal fillers attract water to the area and produce a lifting effect that appears over the following days. This can reduce the appearance of lines around the injected area because the skin is lifted and filled.

There actually is a difference between what we know as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. When you think of anti-wrinkle injections, you are thinking of injections that relax muscles thereby softening fine lines. On the other hand, dermal fillers are able to restore volume that has been lost, and hide shadows beneath the skin.

#3: Symmetry, Volume and Proportion

Symmetry, volume, and proportion are three factors that professional practitioners take into account when assessing lips and treating them with dermal fillers. When it comes to changing your lip shape, each of these factors must be considered, as they all play a role in achieving a natural-looking outcome that you will be thrilled with.

Symmetry when referring to lips really means a sense of balance. The aim is to achieve or restore a sense of overall balance when it comes to the mouth, as well as between the top and bottom lips. Dermal fillers may be used to correct asymmetry caused by a lack of fullness in one or both lips, on one or both sides of the mouth.

Volume is taken into account because loss of volume is a common complaint from clients wanting to change their lip shape. The use of dermal fillers for this is common, however a natural result is always the preference for both client and practitioner, so a conservative approach to volume is usually taken.

Finally, proportion considers both the proportions of each lip, and the proportion of the lips in relation to the face as a whole. Again, dermal fillers are common practice, and proportion will be an important factor that your practitioner will take into account.

The image below is a stock image of a beautiful lip. She has a beautiful upper to lower lip ratio (1:1.6 upper to lower lip size), a well-defined lip border (the border between the red of the lip and the skin) and great volume in both the upper and lower lip. Her lips look natural without the ‘filler look’. If we trace a line around the upper lip, we can see that there are smooth curves in the top and bottom borders of the upper and lip. It is easy to place small amounts of filler in this patient to enhance her already beautiful shape and provide more volume. However, if she came to the clinic, we would probably not treat her as her lips are perfect as they are.

The patient below has a more difficult lip shape to treat. She has a good upper to lower lip ratio, but the lips are less full at the sides and the mouth is narrow. If we trace the outline of the upper lip we can see that the borders of the upper lip, are uneven. Filling this patient’s lip evenly would increase the volume but wouldn’t address the shape of the lip. We want to create smooth curves in lines surrounding the top and bottom lip and this means placing different amounts of filler in each area of the upper lip – not easy.

The image below shows another patient that would be more difficult to treat. She has great lower lip volume already but a thinner upper lip with an ‘M’ shape to the upper lip. To enhance this patient’s lips, we would have to increase the upper lip volume to balance the upper and lower lip size. The lower lip does not need any treatment. Treating the upper lip alone could reduce undulations of the surface of the upper lip giving the appearance of having had dermal fillers. Using filler to reduce the ‘M’ shape of the upper lip is difficult and may take a couple of treatments.

Which lip shapes are easy to treat with dermal fillers?

All the images below are stock images of beautiful smiles / lips. Tracing the borders of the upper lip shows smooth curves, even in the final image which is a patient in her 50s. All 3 patients have a good upper to lower lip ratio and they are all easy to treat with filler as we don’t need to correct their lip shape.

#4: What Does This Mean For Me?

If you are interested in or thinking about starting the process of changing the shape of your lips with dermal filler, we recommend that you first set reasonable expectations for yourself. As we have outlined, results will vary based on many factors, including your natural lip shape, so it is important to understand both the limitations and the great capabilities of dermal filler.

Next, we recommend that you seek professional advice and treatment, which may include an initial consult with an cosmetic expert who can talk you through the likely outcomes. Lip dermal fillers can be a subtle and effective way to address concerns you may have with your lip shape, and may be an option for you to enhance the natural aesthetics of your lips.

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