Are you getting too much sun? Try this 3 second skin check to find out

Cityskin has designed a quick and easy way of assessing your skin for UV damage which takes seconds to perform. It will give you a guide as to whether you are increasing your risk of skin cancer and premature ageing.

We call it the ‘3 second sun check’ and it can be performed by people of all skin types.

How to perform the 3 second sun check

The video below shows how you can perform the 3 second sun check:

  • Step 1: Cross your arms
  • Step 2: Compare the underside and topside of both forearms
  • Assess UV damage – the larger the colour difference between the underside and top of forearm the higher your recent UV exposure

What does the sun check show?

Comparing the top and underside of the arms shows how much UV exposure you have experienced recently. The underside of the forearms rarely see the sun meaning that it is a good area to compare to.

The image below shows a patient who is in his 30s and plays outdoor sports. He wears occasional sunscreen. Zoomed closer in you can see the extra pigmentation and thicker skin on the backs of the arms due to UV damage

arm sun damage

Sun damage happens to all skin types

Having darker skin tones reduces the rate of ageing and risk of skin cancer but did you know that Bob Marley died due to a melanona on his toe?Premature ageing of the skin can happen to all skin tones – the patient below has naturally olive skin but loves to go out in the sun. She is at risk of premature ageing but the good news is that covering up and high factor sunscreen can slow down this process!

suncheck arms cityskin

I have sun damage – what should I do next?

  • We recommend that all patients should have a yearly skin check performed by a skin cancer clinic – this may be your local GP, dermatologist or a dedicated skin cancer clinic such as Molemap.
  • Wear a high factor sun screen daily (factor 50+) and cover the skin during times of outdoor exposure

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