Rachelle McIntosh | Teaching advanced dermal filler techniques in Queensland

Rachelle McIntosh from Cityskin Sydney has been in Queensland this week teaching Doctors and Nurses advanced dermal filler techniques. Jawline and pre-auricular (infront of the ear) dermal filler is fantastic for restoring volume to the lower face and reducing jowls.

Hear what Rachelle has to say about her training this week:

rachelle mcintosh cosmetic nurse I’ve been in Queensland this week for training. We’ve had a really strong focus on jawline training. We’ve been working with a lot of Doctors and Nurses – showing different techniques in how to enhance the younger patient jawline. So really sharpening the corners of that jaw and giving them something a little bit more, enhancing what they already have and looking at the patients where we’re restored their jawline.

…It’s a really lovely treatment to do for the right patient, in combination with other treatments to give a holistic approach.

You can book an appointment for treatment with Rachelle at Cityskin Sydney. Rachelle performs a wide range of dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatment and has years of experience.

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