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We’ve all seen overdone, unproportional lips which has given dermal filler a bad reputation lately. Think of reality TV stars with plump, obviously filled lips and you will understand what we mean. Lip dermal filler doesn’t have to look like this as Kristie Phillips, Cosmetic Nurse from Cityskin Essendon explains:

kristie phillips cosmetic nurse melbourne “With our cosmetic treatments, a good result is an undetectable result and that applies to lips as well. There are a number of factors that do lead to that look. Sometimes it is just what people want. There’s always someone that will give you what you want if that’s the look that you do like. Here at Cityskin, our thought is on ‘Fresh, not fake‘ so we certainly don’t encourage that. Quite often we can work with you and discusswhat’s going to suit your face and how we can give the best aesthetic result for your needs. Some people do suit big lips but what we don’t want to lose is shape, those natural anatomical features of the lip and also making it disproportionate to your facial features.

Kristie feels that there are 4 main reasons for over filled lips, un-natural lips after dermal fillers:

1. Product Choice

“Some of it is product choice. Unfortunately here in Australia we cannot name the products but some products are a bit more puffy than others and so when you put it in a lip you not only get volume but you do tend to lose a little bit of the border and you get a fairly rounded, undefined border. That doesn’t look good and it doesn’t look natural because you start to lose those natural beautiful lip shapes.”

2. Injection technique

“Some of it is injection technique. If we are injecting into a border or through the border potentially there is the risk of making the lip project outwards. That’s not to say that’s always going to happen because it is quite a popular technique and many people do it really well, but definitely product choice.”

3. Filler migration

“You start to hear a lot more these days about filler migration. That is a big contributor to all of this. Sometimes a filler will migrate because of the way it has been injected. Often what I’m seeing is that people who end up with these outward projected lips or lips that start to lose their shape, it’s more that they’ve had multiple treatments over many years.”

4. Repeated treatments / layering of product

“The lips have been great, great, great and then it’s that last treatment where it just turned out badly. I think what tends to happen there is filler lasts a lot longer than what we think it does, particularly in a lip. So while it may not give you that big volumized lip, six months, nine months later, you’re retreating consistently in that timeframe. You’re actually layering the product on top of product that is still there. You may not be as plump as you were six months ago, but it’s not gone. When we we put more in, we put more in, we put more in, and what happens is you’re pushing it up into the cutaneous lip. When you do that, because if the filler is sitting in that cutaneous lip, it also rolls your lip under  so you see less pink lip. When you see less pink lip, you want more filler, so it creates a cycle where you put in more and more product in and it has to go somewhere.”

How can dermal fillers be removed?

Thankfully dermal filler can be dissolved using a medical enzyme. Sometimes this can be the best option when lips are over treated and the best option is to start again as Kristie explains:

“We can use a prescription medication that dissolves the filler. When we inject it in it is fairly concentrated. Depending on our aim we can dissolve all the filler if it’s poorly done and start afresh.”

How to find out more about dermal filler dissolving treatment at Cityskin

Cityskin offers dermal filler dissolving treatment to help reverse your dermal filler. The treatment costs $250 per dissolving session and is available at all Cityskin locations in Melbourne.

Kristie Phillips discussing how dermal fillers can be removed

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