Double chin treatment at Cityskin from $999 until 31st August 2019!

Double chin treatment at Cityskin from $999 until 31st August 2019!

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If you have been thinking of having double chin injections now is the time to book in for treatment!

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Until the end of August 2019 Cityskin is offering double chin treatment for just $999 (2 vials recommended). We recommend having the treatments at least 6 weeks apart which means you can easily fit in 2 treatments with us before August 31st.


We have to be very careful about mentioning the cost of treatments due to Australian law but we are allowed to disclose our full prices if you chat to us online. Here you can chat with the Cityskin team and ask us questions about double chin treatment.


Double chin price comparison

We want to make double chin treatments more affordable for you. For your interest we thought we’d compare the price of double chin treatment with other clinics nearby. Prices are correct from clinic websites on 16th April 2019. For double chin treatment:

  • Laser Clinics Australia charge “$1190 per treatment”
  • Australian Skin and Laser charge “from $1250”


Why are you offering treatment for $999?

We have been asked this a lot by patients. We want to make the treatment more affordable for you and we believe that be pricing the treatment at $999 you can achieve the results you are after. 


Plan your double chin treatments

We have provided some dates below so that you can plan your double chin injections with us. We recommend leaving 6 weeks between double chin treatments. Most patients require 2 treatments to see results but some patients need 3 treatments.


To fit in 2 treatments at Cityskin before the offer expires you’d need to have your final double chin treatment before July 20th.


Use the dates below to plan your injections

  • May 1st: 17 weeks until the end of August
  • June 1st: 13 weeks until the end of August
  • July 1st: 8 weeks until the end of August
  • July 20th: 6 weeks until the end of August
  • August 1st: 4 weeks until the end of August



Why choose Cityskin for double chin treatment?

  • Cityskin has experienced practitioners – on average we have over 8 years of cosmetic injecting experience
  • We were one of the first clinics in Australia to perform double chin injections
  • We have treated hundreds of double chins since the product launch in 2017.


Never had double chin treatment before? Read our guide

If you have never had double chin treatment before please read our guide to double chin injections here. We have written a comprehensive guide to treatment with videos and before/after photos guiding you through the procedure.


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