How Can Cosmetic Treatments Help with Facial Asymmetry?

It is a fact that just about every face in the world is asymmetrical to a certain degree – this is a natural part of life. However, some faces are more asymmetrical than others, and when this is the case, it can sometimes cause some anxiety or self-consciousness. Keep reading as we explore the answers to some important questions like, what facial asymmetry is, what causes it, and importantly, how it can be treated. Then, discover where to go for wrinkle management treatments in Melbourne if you need help with facial asymmetry, or another cosmetic concern.

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What is Facial Asymmetry?

Facial asymmetry can be described as having facial features that do not mirror each other perfectly. This may mean that one of your ears begins at a higher point on the side of your face than the other one. Perhaps your nose looks crooked, or one cheek looks smaller than the other – these are all examples of asymmetrical features.

What Causes Facial Asymmetry?

When it comes to many people, facial asymmetry is just a matter of chance or genetics. In terms of genetics, certain asymmetrical features may run in a family, and in addition, certain genetic conditions like a cleft lip or palate can also cause asymmetry.

Some environmental factors like smoking or sun damage may also lead to the development of facial asymmetry. Further, significant dental work can be a cause too. For instance, the extraction of a tooth can actually alter the way that your facial muscles appear, and getting new dentures may change the contours of your face too.

Lifestyle factors can also influence facial asymmetry, such as consistently sleeping with one side of your face against the pillow, or constantly resting your hand against your palm.

There are also certain health conditions that can contribute to facial asymmetry, like Bell’s Palsy, which is when the facial nerves are paralysed causing sudden facial asymmetry. This is a serious condition that could be a sign of something sinister, and it needs to be addressed by a medical professional straight away. Similarly, sudden facial drooping or facial numbness are signs of a stroke which again, is a very serious condition requiring immediate medical attention.

How Can I Tell if I Have Facial Asymmetry?

These days, it’s relatively easy to tell if your face has some asymmetry to it. There are apps and programs that can scan a picture of your face, and then evaluate its symmetry.

Should I Be Concerned?

You do not need to be concerned about facial asymmetry unless you see signs or symptoms of a serious medical condition, like Bell’s Palsy, or a stroke, as mentioned above. If you suspect that asymmetry is a sign of a more serious disorder, illness, or injury, then you should contact the relevant medical professionals.

If your facial asymmetry is not caused by a medical condition, but it causes you anxiety, or to be self-conscious about your appearance, then you can consider non-surgical treatments for it.

What are the Treatments for Facial Asymmetry?

Volume Enhancement Treatments: This treatment can restore volume and enhance facial features which can help to make your face appear more symmetrical. Made of a gelatinous substance that actually occurs naturally in the body, this treatment can be used in various different areas including the lipscheeks, the chin, the jowls, and the temples, among other areas.

Wrinkle Management Treatments: Another way to treat facial asymmetry is wrinkle management treatments. This can manage wrinkle, and also be used to lift or lower the brows, for instance, which could be a source of asymmetry. Another example of their use is to lift or lower the corners of the mouth, or to slim the jawline.


Our faces are not really supposed to be symmetrical! Everybody’s face is asymmetrical in some way, and that’s part of what makes us human. Most often, it is natural to the human eye for there to be some asymmetry in the face. If our faces were 100 percent symmetrical, our faces would actually look pretty strange!

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