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kylie jenner dermal filler lip dissolving An Instagram post this week by Kylie Jenner showed quite noticeable changes in her lips and the 20 year old has since confirmed that she has “got rid of all my filler.”

As a cosmetic injector who has been injecting fillers for years I feel as though she looks more natural and beautiful as a result. Dermal fillers can sometimes make young patients look beyond their years and I feel that people in their 20s should embrace their natural beauty.

I hope this this marks a trend towards subtle enhancements rather than dramatic overly filled lips – something that we have been saying for years.

In this post we will discuss how dermal fillers can be dissolved and how we feel lips should be treated. We also discuss how Cityskin can help you can dissolve any unwanted dermal fillers.

How lip dermal fillers can be dissolved

Removing non-permanent dermal fillers is a relatively straightforward procedure. We mix a dissolving enzyme with saline and inject this into the dermal filler causing it to start breaking down straight away.

It takes up to 24 hours for the filler to be broken down. You may need more than one treatment to dissolve the filler, particularly if a firmer filler has been used. We tend not to use firmer dermal fillers in the lips as they can create a fake, over-filled look.

Fresh, not fake at Cityskin clinic

fresh not fake cityskin One of our core beliefs at Cityskin is the ‘Fresh, not fake’ approach. We want anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments to help you look and feel fresher.

You may not want friends, family or your partner to know that you have had treatment and we understand this.

Anti-wrinkle and dermal filler can be subtle to achieve beautiful changes and this has been our belief since we started treating patients 7 years ago.

Lip dermal filler – proportion, not size

The photos below shows an example of a patient that we have treated at Cityskin with dermal fillers as part of a full facial rejuvenation. You can see how by restoring proportion, ideally a slightly fuller lower lip than upper lip, can achieve a lovely balance and achieve a beautiful lip. The lips do not look over-filled and the patients were delighted with the results.

lip dermal fillers melbourne

lip enhancement photo before after

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