Bianca Quon recently treated a patient’s gummy smile using anti-wrinkle injections. This is a great treatment for people wanting to reduce the height of the upper lip when they smile. The photo below shows the patient before and 4 weeks after treatment.

Here is what Bianca has to say about treating the patient:

This patient came to see me because she wasn’t happy with the amount of gum that you could see when she smiled.

We commonly refer to this as a gummy smile, which is when you can see 2 – 4mm plus of gum when you smile. It’s really easily treated with anti-wrinkle injections. For this patient, all I did was pop a couple of units in her LLSAN muscle – the muscle responsible for elevating the middle lip when you smile.

Most people with a gummy smile, it’s a really quick and easy fix for them. We only use small doses, because it’s such a small muscle.

If you find that when you smile, the gums are showing on the side and not in the center, then it’s probably not the treatment for you – we don’t want to drop it even further and give you like a bit of a joker smile.

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