Why anti-wrinkle products are one of the most expensive items on Earth!

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I am always amazed by how effective anti-wrinkle injections work. What is fascinating is how little product can have such an effect. What is more astounding is that, by weight, it is one of the most expensive compounds on Earth!


How many units of anti-wrinkle product are in a vial?

The standard anti-wrinkle vial comes contains 100 units. The average patients needs approximately 30 units to treat frown lines and forehead lines for up to 4 months.

The picture below shows a 100 unit vial held up to the light. If you look closely you can see a white stain on the bottom of the vial. This is the anti-wrinkle product.

100 units anti wrinkle product


How much does 100 units weigh?

The weight of product inside the vial is approximately 0.005 nanograms, or 0.00000000005 grams. It is incredible to think that this amount of product can treat muscles so well to cause relaxation and reduction of lines.


How much does 1g of anti-wrinkle product cost for the public?

0.00000000005 grams of anti-wrinkle product = 100 units. We charge $12 per unit so the cost of one 100 unit vial to the public is $1200. The price per gram of is therefore $1200 x (1/0.00000000005) = $24000000000000.

One gram of anti-wrinkle product to the public is therefore 24 trillion dollars!


What is the most expensive compound on Earth?

The best answer that I can find is provided by the website Quora which says, “Right now, antimatter is the most expensive substance on Earth, about $62.5 trillion a gram ($1.75 quadrillion an ounce)”. Antimatter is a material composed of antiparticles, which have the same mass as particles of ordinary matter but opposite charges, as well as other particle properties such as lepton and baryon numbers.


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