Fuller looking lips without dermal filler – how to play a trick on the eyes

How can you make lips look larger without dermal filler? Easy – play a trick on the eyes.

Patients often tell us that after facial slimming injections, also known as jawline slimming, their friends say that their lips look larger. Why?

The answer – it’s an optical illusion. Glance at the top set of lips and then immediately compare them to the bottom pair. The bottom set of lips look larger because they proportionately take up a larger section of the face.

lip shape optical illusion


If you are tempted to have lip filler but are unsure – why not consider facial slimming treatment first? Facial / jawline slimming is one of our favourite treatments at Cityskin and we perform over 1000 facial slimming treatments per year.


How does facial slimming treatment work?

Facial slimming works by placing anti-wrinkle injections into the bite muscle – also known as the ‘masseter’ muscle. The anti-wrinkle product reduces the strength of the muscle causing it to atrophy / shrink in size.

We tend to use approximately 25 units per side with results lasting up to 6 months.

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Jawline slimming before / after photos

The patient below has had facial slimming treatment at Cityskin. Using between 25 each side the jawline has slimmed with results lasting for up to 6 months.

facial slimming before after


How can I find out more?

Visit our facial slimming page to find out more about this treatment or chat with us live to ask any questions 🙂


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