Can cosmetic treatment improve your confidence?

confidence anti-wrinkle treatment

Often people come to the clinic to get treatment for the first time because they feel like they look tired or angry. While many of us can point out a wrinkle, or a line that we don’t like the look of, we always ask them how it makes them feel.

The change in how our clients feel about themselves, particularly after their first treatment, can be quite a dramatically positive change. We often hear how they feel tired, angry or even that they don’t feel confident going about their day. We love it at Cityskin when we catch up with our patients a week later and hear about how they feel youthful, refreshed, reinvigorated and confident! We thought we’d turn our observations into a poll and asked our clients whether they do feel more confident after treatment and a huge 98% said YES!

Remember that while we concentrate so much on the way that we look, it really is about how we feel inside and being confident feels great!

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