A 50% increase in men attending Cityskin over 5 years | The changing face of male Cosmetic treatments

Cosmetic treatments for men are becoming more popular at Cityskin. A review of the number of men attending our clinics in  2013 and 2018 shows that the percentage of men attending has grown from 11% in 2013 to 17% in 2018. Why the change?

male cosmetic injections

Who are the men having cosmetic injectables at Cityskin?

I feel that in 2013 type of men coming for treatment at Cityskin can be broadly generalized as:

  • Tradies with sun damage, often wanting to soften crow’s feet
  • Men on the dating scene wanting to appear more youthful / younger
  • CEOs and Executives wanting to soften harsh lines / appear more presentable on stage
  • Men from the LGBTQIA community where there is an emphasis on looking younger

In 2018 these men and still coming to see us but we have seen an increase in the following male patients:

  • Men wanting a non surgical treatment for the double chin
  • Men noticing lines / wrinkle on their social media photos and seeing themselves on Facetime.

Which treatments are men having at Cityskin?

In 2013 the majority of male patients attending Cityskin were having anti-wrinkle treatments with a smaller proportion having dermal fillers.

In 2017 we introduced double chin injections at Cityskin – a permanent solution for removing double chin fat. Almost a third of our patients having double chin treatments are men.


I think that there is still a stigma around men having cosmetic treatments. Plucking a mono-brow is socially acceptable, as is designer stubble and hair product but aside from these things every other beauty treatment still seems socially taboo for men.

As a male we don’t want to be seen to be making too much of an effort – we don’t want to seen as the man desperately trying to look younger or caring too much about to their appearance.

I always ask patients who come in for a consultation whether they have told friends, family or partner that they are considering having treatment. I also ask patients whether they would like a very subtle treatment so nobody but themselves will notice or a more impressive result where people may comment on a change. Either way, our core belief at Cityskin is ‘Fresh, not fake‘ and this underpins every treatment that we offer.

Double chin treatments have been a game changer for men. Finally there is a cosmetic treatment available with minimal downtime which will keep friends, family and colleagues guessing.

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