This depends on whether you have had filler in the cheeks before. Generally, the cheeks require a minimum of 2mLs (1mL each side). 1mL only takes up 1/5 of a teaspoon, so is only a small amount of volume. If you split this mL between both cheeks that’s 1/10 of a teaspoon. Sometimes, some people even need a total of 3-4mLs for the cheeks, depending on the extent of volume loss/ beautification.

At Cityskin, we have several dermal fillers that we can use for the cheeks. Unfortunately, due to regulatory guidelines, we cannot name brands of filler. Cheek fillers vary from a softer, to a medium, cohesive filler, to a firm, structural filler. The type of filler will be selected for you upon consultation with one of our practitioners, as the quality of the skin, how much fat pad depletion and bone reabsorption we have will indicate what filler is best for you. For example, a younger patient who specifically wants beautification of cheekbones, where no volume loss has occurred, has firm skin and no fat pad depletion would be a good candidate for the firm filler. A more mature patient with thin, lax skin, hardly and fat pad under the skin would more be suited for the softer-medium filler, as it is more cohesive and less chance of visible lumps.

Depending how many mL’s you get in the cheeks, and what type of filler, the company states the products used for the cheeks can last up to 12-18 months. Although, keep in mind, dermal filler is a long chain sugar molecule (a polysaccharide) and depending on metabolic rate, and other factors, your filler may metabolise a little quicker. Typically, we find that when patients start with 2mLs, they often come back at about 12 months and only require 1mL because there is still product in there. Therefore, they are maintaining the results and longevity.

For the latest information on our pricing for cheek dermal fillers at Cityskin, please visit our cost page.

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