Are anti wrinkle treatment safe when breastfeeding?

Amelia asked 3 months ago

Are the anti wrinkle treatments safe to have when breastfeeding. I am interested in my forehead and frown lines. I’m 40 years old  

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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 3 months ago


We do not recommend anti-wrinkle treatments when you are breast-feeding, nor when you are pregnant. I don\’t think there will ever be full randomised controlled trials looking at the effects of anti-wrinkle treatment on breastfed infants because it would be unethical. The first rule of medicine is \”Do no harm\” and applying this to your situation we cannot say for sure that there is no harm from having treatment when breastfeeding. The safest and wisest thing to do would be to finish breastfeeding and then come in to see us 🙂

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