Can dermal filler can be applied to the temple and around the eyebrow bone?

AnonAnon asked 7 months ago

I’m 32 and have never had dermal fillers before. I have a low forehead and would like to feminise it a little! Thanks

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Dr Ilana GalgutDr Ilana Galgut Staff answered 7 months ago


temple dermal fillers
Dermal Filler treatments in the temples and brows can make a very significant contribution to keeping the face well-proportioned and youthful.


Several changes occur in the face with ageing apart from just sagging of the skin. The skull bone actually reduces in size, whereas the skin doesn’t. This results in several changes, including sagging of the skin as it no longer is as well supported by the underlying bone. Bone loss also results in hollowing of the temple region and the area above the eyebrows. This effect results in the eyebrows dropping down. Together with reduced collagen formation, the upper eyelid becomes heavy and droops.


A youthful face tends to be pointy at the chin and an inverted triangle with the cheeks and temples being relatively wider. However, with ageing, the lower face becomes broader, and the upper face more narrow- as if the temples have been pushed inwards, while the lower face becomes more square. Because of this, in some people, restoring facial harmony, may require filling the temples to balance the face again.


Similarly, if there is significant upper eyelid drooping, it may be worthwhile to fill the area around the brow bone.


As with all procedures, it is really important to have your face and your unique ageing process, carefully assessed by someone who is skilled in assessment, to work out where a filler treatment will give the most benefit.


The actual treatment of both the temples and brows, can be performed in several ways, using either a needle or a cannula, depending on the situation. Likewise, different Hyaluronic Acid fillers may be preferred for each technique.


Because the temples and brow areas include important blood vessels and nerves, it is particularly important to ensure that your injector is skilled at, not just injecting, but is familiar with the anatomy as well as what to do in the unlikely event of a problem.


At Cityskin, our practitioners only undertake procedures that they have been adequately trained in. We tend to be conservative and do not take unnecessary risks as your well-being, is far more important than a line or wrinkle.

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