Would a single double chin treatment of two vials be effective? I am 24 and my case is not severe

steven asked 8 months ago

Hi team, I am looking at getting a double chin injection to rid some of the fat under my chin for a more defined profile. As my case is not very severe and I am only young, would a single treatment of two vials be effective?


My details:

24 year old male.
Low body fat percentage.
Small amount of fat under chin.
Seeking a more defined profile.

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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 8 months ago


The first thing to mention is that results can vary in individuals but we are seeing some positive results in patients who have had just one double chin treatment.

double chin 1 vial photos

The patient above is in her 20s and has had one treatment with 2 vials. After photos were taken 6 weeks post treatment. You can see a reduction in the fullness under the chin.
Look at the double chin as being like a coal-face. We are chipping away at it with each treatment until you are happy that the double chin has been reduced enough. The average patient needs 2-3 treatments to have the optimum result.

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