Can I have 0.5ml dermal filler in my lips?

Ava asked 3 weeks ago

Hi team – just wondering if you offer half a ml lip fillers and also price for these? Is a numbing agent used prior?

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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 3 weeks ago


We used to offer 0.5ml as an option for lip dermal fillers. We found that we were having to throw away the remaining filler which made it uneconomical.
We now offer a minumum of 1ml when you have dermal filler treatment. We charge $650 for 1ml of dermal filler ($770 at Cityskin Kew). Often if you use 0.5ml in the lips we will use the remainder in the chin, jawline or cheeks. 
We use a strong numbing gel before your lip dermal filler treatment at Cityskin. 
Hope that answers your question!
Dr Jonathan Brown

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