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Katie asked 4 months ago

My name I’m 18, I’m hoping to get anti-wrinkle injections in the frown line, forehead, facial slimming and a non surgical brow lift. I was just wondering if you could tell me roughly how much all of that would cost? I looked on the ‘ cost ‘ tab, but still confused on the price.
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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 4 months ago


Thanks for the enquiry.
Firstly I would be slightly reluctant to treat someone aged 18 for anti-wrinkle treatment because your skin is likely to be wrinkle free and as good as it can be! The brow lift can be a nice tweak to open up the eyes and lift the brow and we use approx 4-5 units each side to lift the outer brow.
For the other areas we tend to use the following units. Bear in mind that the effective cost is $12 per unit: 

  • Frown lines: 12 – 24 units depending on the strength of the muscle = approx $144 – $288
  • Forehead lines: 5-11 units = approx $60 – $132
  • Facial slimming: 20-30 units on each side = approx $480 – $660 (we charge $11 per unit when 50 units or more are used)

There are 2 brands of anti-wrinkle treatment available. One costs $4 per unit and you need 3 times as many units to have the same effect as 1 unit of the $12 product. In effect both products cost $12 to have the same effect

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