How do I dissolve tear trough dermal filler?

AnonAnon asked 8 months ago

Hi Cityskin team –  I had tear trough fillers at another clinic (not Cityskin) and I’m not happy. Do you dissolve fillers and if so how much please? I’m so unhappy with the outcome of my fillers. Thank you!

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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 8 months ago


Thanks for reaching out to us – we can certainly help. The tear trough is a difficult area to treat and it may be that your injector placed the dermal filler too superficially under the skin. This can cause a slight blue discolouration known as the ‘Tyndall effect‘. Sometimes you can see small lumps and bumps under the skin when filler is not placed in the correct plane.


Non-permanent dermal filler can be dissolved

If you have had non-permanent dermal filler injected it can thankfully be dissolved. We can inject an enzyme into the dermal filler to break it down. The filler is broken down almost instantly.


How to dissolve under eye filler performed at another clinic

At Cityskin we strongly believe that you should go back to the clinic that performed the dermal filler treatment in order for them to dissolve it for you free of charge. If you are unhappy with your treatment I think this is perfectly reasonable and you should call them to discuss this. This may mean that the dermal filler is entirely dissolved and you have to start again at treating the under eye area.

The enzyme used to dissolve dermal filler is kept as an emergency item in every clinic offering dermal filler treatment. At Cityskin we always have it in stock for emergency use.


How Cityskin can help

If you are still unhappy with the clinic that treated you we recommend booking in with one of the Cityskin practitioners that offers tear trough dermal filler.

We charge $300 per treatment to dissolve your dermal filler if you had the treatment at another clinic. Once the filler has been removed you may want to have it replaced and we can also do this at our standard dermal filler rate (from $650 per ml).


I hope that helps give you some guidance but if you need any more help or support please contact us.


Dr Jonathan Brown

Cityskin Clinic


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