How do I stop my forehead and hairline from sweating?

Jason asked 11 months ago
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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 11 months ago


When we treat facial sweating we always assess you in person the try and determine where you sweat from. Commonly patients sweat from the forehead and hairline. Treating both of these areas is fairly straightforward – have a read to our guide on treating the forehead with anti-wrinkle treatment here:

To treat hairline sweating we use anti-wrinkle injections spaced approximately 1.5cm apart in the hairline.

Cost – I’d often use 1-2 unit per hairline injection and a male would often need 15 injections to treat the whole of the hairline. Foreheads need between 7 and 17 units for a male – it can vary quite a lot depending on the size of the area being treated and the strength of the muscle.

The best thing would be to come in and see one of us at Cityskin to talk in more detail. Hope that helps!

Dr Jonathan Brown

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