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Francesca asked 6 months ago

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I just had a question or two about lip fillers, so I will start with my history.

So I have had 1ml ***dermal filler*** at clear skin care clinics twice, but I wasn’t happy with the injector or the shape I ended up with, and the swelling was terrible.

Last year I was in the UK studying and I ended up getting them done there and thought I was getting the ***same filler*** (i thought to be the superior product) however I found out afterwards I had received ***a longer lasting hyaluronic acid filler***, and I have to say it has lasted really well and there was much less swelling?

The nurse also did WAY less injection sites, maybe just 3 or 4? Basically I just really enjoyed this experience so I was hoping to find a nurse that has worked with ***the longer lasting hyaluronic acid filler*** and their technique involves less injection sites?

And also a price for 1ml of ***the longer lasting hyaluronic acid filler*** would be great!

Thank you,

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