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Dermal filler can be used to give the chin more of a point and to give the face the ‘V’ shape that patients are often looking for. Using small amounts of dermal filler (usually approximately 1.0ml) we can expertly place the product to enhance the chin.

Chin dermal filler is a popular treatment in combination with facial slimming as it softens the jaw and elongates the chin.


Does dermal filler treatment to the chin hurt?

It is one of the least painful areas to treat with dermal filler so patients tolerate the procedure very well. We often use numbing gel before your treatment to numb the area before injecting to further reduce discomfort.


How much dermal filler will I need for my chin?

We generally use up to 1.0ml of dermal filler initially before reassessing in 2-3 weeks. Sometimes patients then choose to have slightly more.


How much does chin dermal filler cost?

Have a look at our costs page for the cost of 1.0ml dermal filler. There is no consultation fee at Cityskin.


Do you use permanent dermal fillers?

We DO NOT use permanent dermal filler at Cityskin as we feel it is unsafe. In the unlikely event of complication from dermal filler, you can dissolve non-permanent dermal filler but you cannot dissolve permanent filler.


How do I find out more about dermal fillers?

Click here to read our comprehensive guide to dermal fillers. In our guide we will discuss how filler works, what it looks like and how long it generally lasts.


Related treatment – facial slimming

A popular treatment that patients have at the same time as chin dermal filler is facial slimming. This treatment involves anti-wrinkle injections to slim the jaw and give more of a ‘V’ shape to the lower face. Read all about facial slimming here.

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