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  • Chin dermal filler is a popular treatment in combination with facial slimming as it softens the jaw and elongates the chin.
  • At Cityskin Clinics in Melbourne we use firm, non permanent dermal fillers in the chin to shape the chin
  • We tend to use 1-2 ml of dermal filler to produce the desired result

In this short video Mr Erik Koppert from Cityskin Hawthorn discusses how chin filler works and the techniques used to produce the desired result.

Chin dermal fillers in Melbourne

About chin dermal fillers

At Cityskin in Melbourne we usually use 1 -2ml of dermal filler to achieve the desired result.

Chin dermal filler costs from $700 for 1ml at Cityskin clinics in Melbourne. Have a look at our costs page to find out more about prices. There is no consultation fee at Cityskin.

Click here to read our comprehensive guide to dermal fillers. In our guide we will discuss how filler works, what it looks like and how long it generally lasts. Click here to read our comprehensive guide to dermal fillers. In our guide we will discuss how filler works, what it looks like and how long it generally lasts.

We DO NOT use permanent dermal filler at Cityskin as we feel it is unsafe. In the unlikely event of complication from dermal filler, you can dissolve non-permanent dermal filler but you cannot dissolve permanent filler.

It is one of the least painful areas to treat with dermal filler so patients tolerate the procedure very well. We often use numbing gel before your treatment to numb the area before injecting to further reduce discomfort.

Chin filler before / after photos

The photos below show patients who have had chin dermal filler treatment at Cityskin in Melbourne.

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In this video we discuss how dermal fillers can be used to project the chin forwards and strengthen the jawline to give an improved profile.

Dr Ilana Galgut and Dr Jonathan Brown discuss jawline and chin fillers

I’m here at Cityskin with Dr. Ilana Galgut. I’m Jonathan Brown. And we thought we’d just talk about the double chin injections that we’ve been doing since the start of the year, and something that we’re noticing is about at least 80% of patients that come in tend to have a chin which is slightly recessed, so they call it a Class II deformity of the lower jaw, so people will have an overbite, often, or the chin goes back slightly, so I think that dermal filler to the chin area is going to be a really big thing in 2018 with the amount of patients that are coming in to have the double chin injections, and the amount of people we’re picking up that have a chin that goes back, so what’s your approach to treating chins along? Well, I think you really do need to look at the anatomy and have a look what you have there. Just taking a generic type approach doesn’t work. You need to individualize what you’re doing. And if you think about a concept of a table and a tablecloth, if you dig a hole out of the table, the cloth is going to fall in, so if the jawline, the jaw bone, which we call the mandible, if the mandible is congenitally deficient, or from aging, shrinks, which it does, you actually have less support for the skin, so everything then tends to pucker and hang more, so I think I agree with you. It’s really important when you’re addressing under chin fat, to have a look at what else is going on, because quite often in cosmetic medicine, when you have one problem, if you look hard enough and properly, you actually find that the source of the problem is not necessarily in where you think it is. You start unraveling, okay, that makes sense, and we see that really often with the nasolabial folds. People come in complaining of that when actually the problem is that they’ve lost forms up here.

Absolutely. So I think I, well, I definitely agree with you that looking at the chin, you can’t isolate it and just look at chin fat. You really should look at the whole area, being the lower face. And in the photo, we’ll show just in a second, the photo of a patient we treated recently who came in for a consult for double chin treatment, and I thought the inherent problem was that the, a bit like myself, I’ve got a Class II deformity, they call it, or Class II lower jaw, where it goes back slightly, like this. He came in and I noticed that it wasn’t a problem of the double chin fat, it was more one that the chin was slightly recessed, and using double filler, we used a mil on the first day, then another mil on the, a week later. It really helped him to project the jaw forward and sort of treated the problem that he was coming in for. But what other approaches, you mentioned earlier today about how some of us treat jawlines in men as well, so, and with this double chin treatment, we’re finding more men coming in for this type of treatment, so how do you address treating a male jawline? I think, really important to understand, that in women it’s all about the cheeks, and making the focus of attention up here, but in men, what makes a male face masculine, it’s the definition of the jawline, as well as the chin. So, I think, you know, once we look at the picture of the patient you’re referring to, you can actually see that he doesn’t just have chin deficiency, but his whole lower jaw, the mandible, is deficient. I tend to work, when I’m addressing the jawline, to try and improve the angle of the mandible, so it’s, you know, nice L shape with dermal filler on the angle, but then again, taking the dermal filler, and I use a cannula technique. I find it’s safer because we have a really important artery in the mid of the mandible, and then just laying down sheets of dermal filler to cause shadowing under, but definition of the jawline. Which is kind of like what I’m doing when I grow my beard. I think about 10 years ago I grew a beard for the first, well not for the first time, but I actually decided to grow a beard, and I noticed that it gave my jawline, you know, a bit more structure, a bit more shape, and I haven’t gone back ever since, so, because guys, we can cheat sometimes by going, shaving the facial hair there, so.

Yeah, absolutely, and I think, you know, understanding that the male face is not the same as female, we need to be careful with women, that we don’t masculinize the face, so, you know, you’ve got to look at who you have in front of you at the time and tailor the treatment.

Thank you. So, I think it’s going to be really popular in 2018, I think, the chin treatment, as we see more people coming in for the double chin, I think, the lower face, and the chin, and the jawline are going to be really popular things that we’re going to be seeing, so. So, thanks for your time. That’s okay. If you want to book a consultation with Ilana or myself, or any of the Cityskin practitioners, go to and you can book in to see one of us.

Dr Ilana Galgut and Dr Jonathan Brown from Cityskin

A popular treatment that patients have at the same time as chin dermal filler is facial slimming. This treatment involves anti-wrinkle injections to slim the jaw and give more of a ‘V’ shape to the lower face. Read all about facial slimming here.

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