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Dermal filler before and after photos

Below are Cityskin patients who have had dermal filler treatment.


Cheek, nasolabial fold and marionette dermal filler

melbourne cheek dermal filler

melbourne cbd cosmetic dermal filler


Nasolabial fold dermal filler

The nasolabial fold is the shadow that extends from the corner of the nose down towards the mouth. The patient below has had 0.5ml into each nasolabial fold to reduce the shadow.

nasolabial fold dermal filler


Lip enhancement before / after photos

The first patient has had 1.6ml dermal filler into her lips over 2 sessions. It has reduced the dry appearance of the upper lip and given a fuller apperance. Read more about lip dermal filler at Cityskin.

lip enhancement dermal filler melbourne

lip dermal fillers melbourne

Melbourne lip enhancement

lip enhancement photo before after

lip dermal filler cost melbourne


Chin dermal filler before / after photo

The photo below shows a patient who has had 1ml of dermal filler to her chin. Find out all about chin fillers here.

chin dermal filler Melbourne before after


Temple dermal filler before / after photos

The photo below shows a patient who has had dermal filler in the temples.

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Treatments at different ages

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