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Dermal filler second opinion and correction service at Cityskin Hawthorn

toorak kew armadale cosmetic clinicDermal filler treatment is technically more difficult than anti-wrinkle treatment, and sometimes patients can be left confused about proposed treatment options, or unhappy with a treatment they received.

If you are unhappy with the results of a dermal filler treatment that you have received at another clinic, or would like to be provided with another opinion regarding your treatment options, please come in for a free appointment with Mr Erik Koppert, at Cityskin Hawthorn


How do I book an appointment?

Book an appointment with Mr Koppert at Cityskin Hawthorn using the link below and select ‘Dermal filler second opinion/correction’. Your appointment is free of charge. If any dermal filler product or dissolving agent is used we charge only for the product used.


Book an appointment at Cityskin. No consultation fee


Treatments at different ages

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