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The Cityskin team in Melbourne offers dermal filler dissolving if you are unhappy with filler that you have had at another clinic. Whether it is poorly placed tear trough filler or over-filled lips we are here to help. Book an appointment to discuss dermal filler dissolving with a member of the Cityskin team in Melbourne.

The video below shows Kristie Phillips from Cityskin Essendon discussing how lip filler can be dissolved and shows a patient that had her dermal filler dissolved with Cityskin.

How do you dissolve dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers can be dissolved by injecting an special enzyme into the filler to break it down. The dissolving effect starts as soon as the enzyme is injected.

The video below shows a tiny amount of dermal filler being dissolved on contact with the dissolving enzyme.

How long does it take for dermal filler to dissolve?

Dermal filler dissolving works as soon as the enzyme is injected in and around the filler. The enzyme continues over to break down the filler over the next 24 hours during which we ask patients to massage the area.

How many treatments will I need to dissolve my dermal filler?

Often it takes just one treatment to dissolve dermal fillers. Generally, firmer fillers are more difficult to dissolve and may require more than one treatment to fully dissolve

How much does dermal filler dissolving cost?

At Cityskin clinics in Melbourne we charge $450 for your first dissolving treatment and $250 for each subsequent dissolving treatment if you have had your treatment at another clinic.

Can permanent dermal fillers be dissolved?

Unfortunately permanent dermal fillers cannot be dissolved. We do not use these types of fillers at Cityskin. If you have had permanent dermal fillers in the past please book to see a Plastic Surgeon to discuss your options.

Which practitioners offer dermal filler dissolving treatment at Cityskin?

Any practitioner who offers dermal filler treatment at any Cityskin location in Melbourne can offer dermal filler dissolving treatment.

How do I book an appointment for dermal filler dissolving?

You can book an appointment for dermal filler dissolving in Melbourne on our booking page. Consultations at Cityskin are free of charge.

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Consultations at Cityskin are free of charge and you can book your appointment online. If you have a question about any aspect of treatment you can also chat with us - we're here to help

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