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Marionette line treatment in Melbourne

  • Marionette lines are the shadows that extend from the corner of the mouth downwards
  • Marionette lines tend to appear in our late 30s, often as a result of volume loss
  • Dermal filler can be used at Cityskin in Melbourne to reduce the apperance of marionettes

What are marionette lines?

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Marionette lines are the lines from the corner of the mouth to the chin. As we age these lines become deeper and can give a sad appearance to the lower face. Marionette lines can be treated with dermal filler.

Think of dermal filler as a product that can either replace lost volume or reduce shadows in areas where you did not used to have shadows.

How are marionette lines treated?

Dermal filler can be places in the marionette lines to provide more support for the area to reduce the appearance of the lines. Treatment of the marionette area can lift the mouth corners and prevent downturning of the mouth which can sometimes give a glum appearance to the lower face.

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In the video below Bianca Quon from Cityskin discusses how marionette lines are treated.

How much does marionette line treatment cost?

We usually recommend starting with 1.0ml – 2.0ml of dermal filler to this area, with a view to reassessing the treatment after 10 days. Dermal filler costs from $700. Have a read of our cost page for an idea of price.

The video below shows Bianca Quon from Cityskin discussing the cost of treating marionettes.

Bianca Quon \ Cityskin

So how much does it cost to treat marionette lines? If you don’t know what those lines are, they’re the lines that kind of come from the corner of the mouth down to the jaw here, and it’s really dependent on what’s causing those lines. So often, it’s not just a ml here. We want to look at the aging process and the effects of what’s happening in the midface and the lateral face to cause the marionettes. We can always soften the marionettes alone. You’re looking at about one to mils of dermal filler just for that depending on the depth and your age, and if you’d like to know how much one to two mils of dermal filler is, if you go onto the Cityskin website, choose the cost dropdown menu, and you’ll be able to see the pricing.

Effects should last upwards of 12 months, depending on the filler used.

Risks of treating marionette lines include:

  • Bruising on the day and in the days after treatment
  • Needing to use more filler to achieve the desired effect

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