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Non surgical rhinoplasty in Melbourne with dermal fillers. Treatment with a surgeon.

An alternative to surgery to the nose is to use dermal filler – known as a ‘non surgical rhinoplasty’ or ‘non-surgical nose job’. Dermal filler in the nose can make the nose smoother and more elegant, as shown in the artistic representation above. By placing dermal filler in the bridge of the nose it can reduce the appearance of bumps and can project the nose forwards.

We commonly perform nose dermal filler at the same time as chin dermal filler to project both the nose and the chin. The minimum amount of dermal filler that we use for a treatment is 1.0ml and this can be distributed in both nose and chin areas.

Nose dermal filler is only available at Cityskin Melbourne and NOT in Sydney.

liquid nose job photos


How is nose dermal filler performed?

We use small amounts of dermal filler, injected with a small needle, to lift the bridge of the nose. Ice is sometimes used to numb the skin prior to injection, and the skin is cleaned with anti-septic prior in the area being injected.

The video below shows Mr Erik Koppert from Cityskin Hawthorn performing a nose dermal filler treatment. Small amounts of dermal filler have been used to reduce the bump on the nose.


How soon will I see results of the treatment?

You can see the results of the treatment immediately, with further improvement over the next few days as the filler drags in water and lifts more.


Nose dermal filler before / after photo

The photo below shows Cityskin patients who have had dermal filler in the nose. Dr Koppert from Cityskin Hawthorn performed both procedures. The results are immediate and the treatment has reduced the appearance of a bump in the nose.

liquid nose job photos

liquid rhinoplasty before after

nose dermal filler before after melbourne sydney adelaide


How long will nose dermal fillers last?

The video below shows Mr Koppert discussing how long you should expect nose filler to last.

Nose filler tends to last anywhere from 12 to 24 months. These are the fillers that last longer. We tend to use structural fillers, fillers that really don’t flatten out so that you can keep the position and the shape that you’ve created.

These fillers all last longer. Most people come back maybe once a year to do a slight top up and then use the rest of the syringe for another area of the face.


How much does nose dermal filler treatment cost?

Have a read of our dermal filler cost page to find out more about all treatment prices. We do not charge a consultation fee to see our practitioners.


How to treat nose bump with dermal fillers

Dermal filler can be placed above or below the bump on the nose to reduce the apperance of the bump. In the video below, Mr Koppert from Cityskin Hawthorn discusses how this can be done with small amounts of dermal filler.


How to lift a drooping nose tip

You can treat a drooping nose tip in a number of ways but, broadly speaking, it can be treated with dermal filler, anti-wrinkle injections or surgery.


Dermal filler to lift a drooping nose tip

Dermal filler can be placed in the nose and at the base of the nose to prevent the nose from drooping. This is a riskier procedure than anti-wrinkle injections because the blood supply to the nose tip is limited and there is a risk of needing to dissolve the filler after it has been injected. Mr Koppert explains how treating the nose with dermal filler can lift the tip.


Anti-wrinkle injections for a drooping nose tip

The photo below shows the muscles of the lower face. Between the base of the nose and the upper lip is a muscle called ‘depressor septi’. This muscle helps to pull the nose tip downwards and in some people can occur when smiling. We can treat this muscle with a small amount of anti-wrinkle units to prevent the nose tip from drooping when smiling and at rest. It is a subtle effect. The effects will last approximately 2 months.


How do I book an appointment?

Click on the button below to book an appointment. Please note that nose dermal filler is only available at Cityskin Melbourne and NOT in Sydney.

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