An alternative to surgery to the nose is to use dermal filler – known as a ‘non-surgical rhinoplasty’ or ‘non-surgical nose job’. Dermal filler in the nose can make the nose smoother and more elegant. By placing dermal filler in the bridge of the nose, it can reduce the appearance of bumps and project the nose forwards. Nose fillers are a more complicated treatment than other non-surgical cosmetics we perform at Cityskin, and therefore should only be performed by someone experienced. At Cityskin, our nose dermal fillers treatment in Melbourne are performed by a surgeon – Dr Erik Koppert. Therefore, it is only available at our Cityskin Hawthorn clinic.

We often perform nose dermal filler simultaneously to chin dermal filler to project both the nose and the chin. The minimum amount of dermal filler that we use for a treatment is 1.0mL and this can be distributed in both nose and chin areas.

How is nose dermal filler performed?

We use small amounts of dermal filler, injected with a small needle, to lift the bridge of the nose. Ice is sometimes used to numb the skin prior to injection, and the skin is cleaned with anti-septic prior in the area being injected.


Can nose fillers make the nose smaller?

When dermal filler is placed outside an area known as the ‘ala’ it can narrow the width of the nose. We are sometimes asked about this treatment when patients have had a surgical nose job (rhinoplasty) and are unhappy with the shape of the nostrils. If you notice that your nostrils flare when smiling or breathing, we can place anti-wrinkle injections onto the ala of the nose to reduce the flaring effect of the muscle.

We cannot narrow the bridge or dorsum of the nose using dermal fillers, but we can try to achieve a more symmetrical shape to the bridge.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty


Dermal filler to lift a drooping nose tip.

Dermal filler can be placed in the nose and at the base of the nose to prevent the nose from drooping. This is a riskier procedure than anti-wrinkle injections because the blood supply to the nose tip is limited and there is a risk of needing to dissolve the filler after it has been injected.

Anti-wrinkle injections for a drooping nose tip

The photo below shows the muscles of the lower face. Between the base of the nose and the upper lip is a muscle called ‘depressor septi’. This muscle helps to pull the nose tip downwards and, in some people, can occur when smiling. We can treat this muscle with a small amount of anti-wrinkle units to prevent the nose tip from drooping when smiling and at rest. It is a subtle effect. The effects will last approximately 2 months.

Double Chin Removal Treatment Before


You can see the results of nose filler immediately, with further improvement over the next few days as the filler drags in water and lifts more.

Nose dermal fillers lasts between 12 and 24 months depending on the amount of filler used. When we treat patients noses, we tend to use a firmer filler which is longer lasting. The nose isn’t a mobile area on the face (compared to the lower face or lips) and so the filler lasts longer.

You can treat a drooping nose tip in a number of ways but, broadly speaking, it can be treated with dermal filleranti-wrinkle injections or surgery.

As with other dermal filler procedures the risks of nose dermal filler include:

  • Bruising
  • Infection
  • Needing to dissolve the filler on the day or in subsequent days.
  • Discomfort on the day

There is a very rare but serious complication of eyesight being affected by nose dermal filler. As far as we are aware there is only one case in Australia in all the years that filler has been available, so the likelihood is less than 1:10,000.

Dermal filler can be placed above or below the bump on the nose to reduce the appearance of the bump.

Nose filler is not particularly painful. It feels like a small sting when you have the injection, but the dermal filler contains anaesthetic which reduces discomfort. The day after the procedure you may feel a mild ache, but this will settle, often with Panadol or Nurofen.

We don’t recommend using permanent dermal fillers in the nose. Nose filler is one of the most complicated areas on the face to treat and we always need to have the ability to dissolve filler on the day if needed.

If you are looking for a more permanent result, we suggest nose surgery as an alternative.

At Cityskin we use temporary dermal fillers in the nose. These are dissolvable using an enzyme injected into the filler to break it down. We offer a dermal filler dissolving service for patients who have had treatment at other clinics.

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