double chin treatment before afters

Double chin injection before and after photos

We have been treating patients at Cityskin with double chin injections since the start of the year and it is great to see show our first full treatment before/after photos.

The photo below shows our patient 8 weeks after her final double chin treatment and she was delighted with the outcome. We have to do our responsible bit and say that results can vary.

double chin treatment before afters


How many treatments did this patient have?

The patient had 3 treatments overall. The first and second treatments were with 2 vials of double chin product and the thirs treatment was with 1 vial.


How far apart were the treatments?

The first and second treatments were 6 weeks apart and the second and third treatment was 8 weeks apart. Photos were taken 8 weeks after the third treatment.


Did it swell much after the double chin injections?

There was moderate swelling after the first treatment and less swelling after the second and third treatments. The patient was able to continue going to work.

The photo below show a different Cityskin patient who had double chin treatment with 2 vials. Photos were taken 20 mins after treatment.


Did anyone notice the double chin swelling?

Interestingly, no one in her family or friendship group noticed the swelling. She felt a little self conscious after the treatment but was reassured when no one noticed.


How long did the double chin swelling last?

Our patient had moderate swelling for around 5 days. There was mild discomfort for 48 hours which was reduced by using Panadol. There was one small pin-prick bruise under the chin which lasted about 4 days.


How much does the treatment cost?

We charge from $600 per vial depending on the clinic and practitioner. Have a read of our full costs on the Cityskin cost page.


Am I guaranteed to see results from double chin injections?

We are being more selective at choosing the right patient for double chin treatment. Watch our video below to see who are the best candidates for treatment.


How do I book an appointment?

You can book a free consultation at Cityskin by clicking on the image below.


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