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Double chin treatment – a patient experience

At Cityskin we have seen over 100 patients for double chin treatment. We love performing the treatment and sharing videos, like the one below, helps you understand more about the procedure.


Double chin treatment from a patients perspective


Emma is 26 and wanted to reduce her double chin fullness. In the video she describes how she tilts her head when taking photos to try and hide the fullness under the chin.

Emma has a lovely jawline and is a great candidate for double chin treatment. 2 vials of double chin treatment were used in this treatment.


How was the double chin treatment performed?

  • The area under the chin was marked with the double chin grid which is used to accurately place injections.
  • Local anaesthetic was placed under the chin the numb the area. It takes about 2 minutes to take effect and lasts approximately 1 hour.
  • The sub-mental area was cleaned with alcohol and chlorhexidine
  • 20 small injections were placed under the chin. The treatment area was very numb from local anaesthetic.


How much swelling occurred?

The video below shows the swelling under the chin 20 minutes after treatment. The swelling can last a few days and varies from person to person.


How long did the double chin treatment take?

Once the local anaesthetic has been placed under the chin the injections take about 2 minutes.


When are double chin injection treatments repeated?

We usually treat patients between 6 and 8 weeks after the first treatment. We are not allowed to treat less than 6 weeks after the last treatment.


How many double chin treatments are needed?

An average patient will need 2 vials and 3 treatments to achieve the optimum result. This can vary in individuals depending on the degree of fullness under the chin. The picture below shows the size of 1 vial, 2 vials and 3 vials of double chin treatment.

How many double chin vials do I need?


How can I find out more about double chin treatment?

To find out more about double chin injections please read our comprehensive guide to treatment here.


How do I book an appointment

Consultations at Cityskin are free. You can book an appointment using the link below.

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